First blog post

Well here goes… my online journal you could call this?

I sit here on the 2 January 2017, my hangover still lingering from seeing in another new year. I’m not the one to wait until a new year to create goals however, somehow today feels different.

I think to myself, “where am I? What do I want to achieve? What will this new year bring?” While still trying to avoid the ‘new year, new me’ bullshit.

This year (I tell myself) I vow to take action, some may see that all I’ve done my whole life is take action. Move from one goal to the next, move from New Zealand to Australia, Gold Coast to Brisbane, back to Gold Coast, Melbourne, then a sudden leap of faith to Sydney.

And through it all like anyone, there has been many highs, lows, ups, downs and a few crazy stories to tell (not at the dinner table) that my friends and I have had many laughs at (and a few cringe worthy moments).

So this year I vow to overshare the shit out of my life on here. Wether it be for my own amusement or any others that may end up stumbling across my rambling thoughts. I vow to overshare, my love of fitness & wether constant & never ending improvement can offer personal fulfillment?! My road to minimalism & if I can embark on not falling victim to a branded Sydney lifestyle. My love for food & what I really put in my morning coffee & every other health fad I’ve let ‘enlighten’ me. My favorite beauty products & why, because who can’t have a blog without their everyday life somewhere intertwined.

I’m not branding myself, pigeonholing this space or promising to know the answers to ‘the meaning of a fulfilled life’ ha!

One girl with a dream, to do more, be more & contribute more.

2017 I’m coming for you!


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