It’s been 2 days since my last confession… 

Where it all began & how did I get here?A question I’ve asked myself many times, I know where it began but I didn’t know I would ever get to this sweet spot right here. At a destination filled with some content, while still hungry to learn more & be more.

Let me elaborate….
Girl meets guy, girl is very different to her modern day interior (& exterior), guy sweeps girl off feet, girl is subconsciously lacking confidence, self love & any real long term desires. Guy breaks girls heart, girl is emotionally distraught (insert Kim Kardashian crying face here, wether you like her or not – it’s bad) and girl vows to change her life for no one else but her self.

I was that so called girl and I wouldn’t change this experience for anything. I remember waking up on my 28th birthday in a world of self shame, pity, lucky to have my trusty side kicks by my side for another year of celebrations. I had not only been kicked out of the nightclub, I had vomited on the dance floor and worst of all I was wearing a white mini dress (Gold Coast girl eat your heart out with a passion pop headache to match). In an ongoing case of self destruction & a broken heart.

I love to party, don’t get me wrong. Get prettied up, talk shit with my friends & indulge in 1 too many tequilas! My friends will probably also tell you, they’ve picked me up countless times, had to relay stories from the night before & I’ve gone missing just a few…(Vegas V1 is my own real life version of The Hangover)

That morning 5 years ago, was life changing. I feel so very lucky to have been in that circumstance. If I had known during these past 5 years, I would go completely organic, then paleo, throw out my microwave, repurchase a microwave, find weightlifting, give up alcohol, find alcohol again, compete in Bikini in the INBA, eat chicken & broccoli out of a container most days, give up all foods that are prepped into a container, travel often, move jobs, preach healthy eating, give up preaching healthy eating, get injured, find balance, study nutrition, leave friends behind, find others and own the f*ck out of being single. Then I would of laughed and thought you were dreaming.

I could go on forever about my journey & what it has taught me but I’ll save that for another time.

All I know is everyone who has found a better lifestyle, has a story for their reasons why. So on that note I raise my glass (it’s my every morning green smoothie, I vow to share the recipe with you) to so called guy & thank him for walking in the opposite direction.

Because without you, I would still be a ‪4/10‬ and now I like to think I’m a high 7-8 on a good day. Lol.

Disclaimer: Throwback photo taken in January 2012. So called guy not featured. Blonde hair extensions never to be featured again – hallelujah.

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