Flavored bean water or a taste sensation?

So I didn’t start drinking coffee until I became a little obsessed with health & fitness. I never really had a taste or need for it. I remember once I ordered a coffee with a friend & I ordered a ‘flat white’, because that’s what my mum had always ordered. I may of even googled what that was afterwards. Mind you my Mum at times would drink in excess of 6+ cups a day when I was a child, (she’s a Scorpio so you can only imagine being graced with her presence & add a litre or 2 of caffeine to the mix) that may of been a temporary deterrent of continually hyperactivity. Lol. Oh how times have changed!

There’s been much discussion lately in the office over what goes into a great coffee. Take your coffee however you want, mine is a wondorous concoction that has now become a habit in my daily routine, just saying – it’s the bomb!!

This secret potion is nothing new and you could google the concept & I’m sure find many variations.

Here’s why mine is an addiction and why I’m hooked…

2 shots of espresso, I switch my machine to the long black function.

A dash of homemade coconut milk (It’s far easier than it sounds!)

1 scoop of collagen (odorless) – Great for hair, skin & nails. I’ve seen an improvement after using it every day for the last 5 months – angelic like, well almost. Add it to a smoothie if you aren’t an avid risk taker in life.

I teaspoon of stevia to sweeten – I’d rather keep my calories for the good stuff – cue caramel slice or a lemon meringue tart please! There have been times of all day binges on the stuff (sugar) I try to keep my exposure limited, to avoid friends sending me to a carbohydrate version of AA.

I tablespoon of organic unsalted butter – For a touch of creaminess, plus it gives me some added fuel before I head to the gym. Stick to the NZ kind if you can, you won’t be disappointed.

1 tablespoon of MCT oil – Just think brain fuel. I won’t bore you with the details, google has the answers or try ONNIT for a clear & easy explanation on the benefits


Organic Cinnamon – Trust me when you buy the organic version from the health food shop you’ll never go back to the unflavored, unscented supermarket version. Cinnamon also has an array of health benefits, it helps to curb my cravings!

Blend all ingredients together in any device of your choice, my vitamix is a staple in my kitchen. (I’ll share my protein ice cream secrets with you later)

You will have a frothy & fabulous concoction, that will put that spring back into your step. (My spring takes about 30 mins to kick in, I’m not 20 anymore!)

AND before you say, ‘it sounds like hard work, there’s too many ingredients’…
…You can keep your bean water, as I add all the FATS because I love myself.

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