An 80’s baby single girl trying to make it in this city.

So when did this dating world become so hard??

What happened to the good old days when you would meet a guy out at a bar, he moved forth with a cheesy pick up line and like magic you were totally hanging off his every word? (or waiting for him to buy the next round of drinks, because your pockets are a little lean after decking yourself out with a new outfit, for so called going out night with your friends & you’re probably regretting spending the majority of this weeks pay check on new dress, but god damn you look good – cue mirror check)

There’s two elements to dating in 2017 that I am constantly puzzled by & correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s a harsh world out there momentarily.

1. Wtf is with tinder?!

So initially it was a hook up site and now it’s turned into a dating app? Fine. But what’s with matching with someone and then never to initiate a conversation with one another?

I went on my second tinder date in Sydney a while back. (Guy #1 almost pushed me out of his car because going back to his house for a ‘drink’ was unappealing, based on him taking me motocross boot shopping as first interaction. You don’t wanna know.) Guy (#2) throughout the conversation we discussed this ‘whole tinder thing’ & he said girls don’t initiate conversations and for a guy these days it’s hard work. My response was something a little along the lines of this: ‘sure, happy to initiate the conversation, but guys are meant to be the dominant in the relationship – the man? Would you not prefer to be the initiator?'(Well in a relationship I’m looking for, who doesn’t want a guy to make decisions right? Unless you like being in control & trust me I used to be like that and it’s tiring now I’m a hippie. Lol)

If so called ‘confident & modern day’ woman move forth & try to initiate conversation, it still can be like crickets out there…

I’m still not sold on tinder, or online dating for that matter. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, or it’s like this for everyone but it was way cooler back in the day, when you were 4 drinks into your evening and you’d already embarrassed yourself & he still was willing to talk to you no matter what his intentions.

A work colleague (shoutout to Fai) sent me a link last week on Top tinder profiles in the U.K. for 2016. One of the girls highlighted how she had rotated her favorite quotes to attract the opposite sex. Huni you’re a 10 they are not swiping right from ‘The Secret’ quote you strategically placed on your profile.

I refuse to fall victim to favorite quote sharing.

2. Expectations. Like who can be bothered having a long list of ideals that your perfect partner must meet. Us girls like to say we want this & that but really it’s bullshit. We are suckers for a few compliments dished out, some attention, the odd showcase of chivalry (I had a guy at the gym ask me if my boobs were real the other day & what cup size I was – not the type of chivalry I’m talking about) and humor. I’m sure dudes think we have high expectations but there’s still some of us ‘not so crazy’ ones around that are pretty easy to please these days.

So on that note, this year is all about leaving my hermit status behind, getting amongst this clicky Sydney scene, not getting so drunk that I CAN communicate with the opposite sex or pay attention to them, putting no expectations on a Prince Charming status, perfect ideals & just going with the flow.

I have no cats, so I’m ok as yet. I’m a dog person so I’m not going to fall victim to a crazy cat lady status. Maybe it’s because I’m a Virgo and somewhat hard to please? Or that I’m still waiting for Drake to slide up in my DM’s? Or I’ve actually enjoyed finding out who I really am these last 5 years & being single isn’t such a bad thing.

I’m off to a physic next week, so maybe she’ll enlighten me on what fate has in store this year.
Maybe she’ll tell me to get over my complex and start booty popping again to Lil Kim in the club like I used to, if one is to attract a compatible partner.

Wish me luck.


Photo taken 6.1.17. If the Friday post work drinks has come to this, I have minimal hope. We definitely didn’t agree on personal space boundaries.

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