Get excited! I’m about to get down & dirty on the subject of health.

Well for me, the health & wellbeing subject gets me as excited as this throwback pic from my more innocent days. Because you see, as you get older you learn more, like maybe this is not the correct way you should wear a headband? (Or that you have to wear a headband to keep your mullet off your face, I’ll enlighten you in my next post)

Ok so I get asked this a lot, what type of training is the best that leads to quick results?

First up, I’m unsure how qualified I am to answer this question. I’m not a PT, all I know is I can draw from experience. Me, I haven’t always been in my current physique – yes this kid right here used to be somewhat overweight with an alcohol stomach to match. (Would get asked on the regular if I was ‘expecting’ aged 17 – 28 years, you’d think this would be a deterrent to Smirnoff Blacks in the club & country fried chicken post stripper dancing activities).

Before I even give you my unqualified opinion…

Stop looking for a quick fix because huni that shit ain’t never going to work.

Loose 5 kgs in 5 days – No

Detox your way to a summer beach body – No

Train insane or remain the same – No

Sounds harsh?! I’ve been sucked into all of the above but like anything you learn from your mistakes and if I can share some insights, then hey we all live to see another glorious day. Let me break it down into 3 key points & you be the judge.



There is no good or bad, just move but move in a way you enjoy. I weight train because I love it! I work on every muscle group and my body responds the best to this range of movement but like anything, you focus on 1 style of training and other areas will lack. (My cardio is shit & you wouldn’t want to see my downward dog) Again, it depends what results you are looking for.

Find a body that inspires you (and is realistic to your frame – I will never have Britney Spears abs, prior to public & infamous demise circa 2007) and find out what type of training that person does & that may point you in the right direction.

If you need someone else to rely on motivation for, you have to find the right personal trainer. The other day I was catching up with my friend (shoutout to Sarah) & we were discussing this concept. Your PT needs to be the perfect fit for you. My trainer on the GC was 1 of the most motivational people I have met, because he was the right fit for me. I used to haul ass out of bed every Wednesday morning at 4.30am not because I feel liberated this time of the day, but because I knew it wasn’t just a workout, it was like catching up with a friend. He imparted so much knowledge into my brain & made me want to learn more & be more in the gym arena.

1 way of training may not inspire you long term, mix it up & change how you move if it’s starting to feel like Groundhog Day.



This I could go on about forever…but I won’t. Some days I eat all my own meals I’ve prepped & other times I want to enjoy a burger laced with chemicals – living dangerously people.

All I say is this, eat real food. Like the stuff that doesn’t come in a packet. Fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, fish, some carbs, healthy fats & the list could go on, with a few indulgences that in the right QTY won’t do much damage. (dark chocolate, come to muma)

Let yourself indulge but try not to binge too often, as the guilt eats you up probably more than the pizza, fries, chicken wings, chocolate cheesecake, ice-cream, coconut rough peanut slab (ohhh yes!) you now regret eating will – welcome to the female psyche.


I’ve been working on this body for 5 years and it’s still not perfect. But guess what, will it ever be? We live in this world of constant and never ending improvement, instant gratification & a social media world where people love face tune, filters & have pages dedicated to their booty for more followers, likes or just letting that serotonin in our brain produce a little bit more. (I’m not afraid to use a filter #justsayin)

Every day I like to think I am better than the last, as long as I keep the hustle going then I’m pretty happy with that. I can now stand in front of the mirror & feel good with what I’ve currently got going on but it doesn’t mean I’m going to suck in my stomach for my next IG pic or try to liberate woman by letting it all hang out with some new hashtag I’m trying to get people to catch on to.

Mix these 3 elements into your daily routine, get inspired from someone you look up to and own the f*ck out of living every day & that’s my sweet cocktail of motivation that helps me wake up every day with gratitude.
All of these points have led me to gratitude, awareness of what I put in my body & out, what also I use in the house (cleaning products etc.), the environment, self love, minimalism (my new fad), self help books (I’ve read too many to count) & learning more every day (Joe Rogan podcast fangirl).
So do you, in your best version possible & I’m sure your contribution to life will be astounding (unless your a shitty human being – let’s be honest they’re still around) and you never know who you’ll be the one to inspire!

Peace out.



Party girl > Competitor > Control Freak > Balanced

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