Minimalist or Extremist?

Monday 2nd January 2017 (Pre first blog post)

I’m binge watching Netflix documentaries today to cure feeling sorry for myself. Drinking a hip flask of Bacardi and a bottle of Chandon over 10 hours was not 1 of my finest ideas, with NO water in between. 33 year old brain is no smarter than 20 year old brain & 33 year old body sure as hell cant bounce back like it used to. ‘The Minimalists‘ documentary is flashing at me in my suggestions page, so let’s give this a go…

Saturday 14th 2017 January (Current)

Like anything I do, I do it as an extremist. When I was 4 I discovered how liberating it was to cut my hair with the scissors that were meant for ‘craft activities’. Mum was showering & I was living on the edge as per usual. I remember hiding behind the sofa & going to town in search of a new do. I didn’t feel as dangerous walking around with a mullet the next 6 months, as it’s all the hairdresser could do to save my previous haircut. Middle finger up to that ‘lob’ I was so desperately trying to get rid of and hello mullet of 1987.

Mullet needed to be held in place by headband as otherwise it stuck straight up like I had just been mildly electrocuted.

So like anything I get obsessed with, I get to work straight away. I embarked on a spring clean and I’m not just talking clothing – the WHOLE house. Anything I had that didn’t add ‘value’ to my life now had to go. Books, DVD’s, shoes, cosmetics the list goes on.

Now let me set the scene for you, I moved to Sydney 6 months ago into a 1 bedroom apartment. It’s been 7-8 years since I’ve lived in a 1 bedroom so I had already downsized astronomically. Previously, I used spare rooms for my extra clothes storage. But the 1930’s Art Deco apartment I live in currently wasn’t going to accommodate as it doesn’t even have storage space…. so I have 1 X wardrobe & 1 X chest of draws to house my filthy habit of frivolous spending.

I like to think I’m pretty cutthroat and will ‘spring clean’ every 3 months – out with the old, in with the new. Always making a conscious trip down to the Salvos. So 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags of books & 2 bags of clothes later, I had donated so called items never to be seen again.

Now this is where it gets confronting, I hate to think how many items I started with on 1.1.2017 or even what my spend vs. disposal was like for all the many impulsive purchases I’ve made over the years.

Monday 9th January 2017 (lets backtrack a little bit)

I wake up and stumble across a fellow blogger – & instantly I become inspired. My internal extremist wanted to minimize everything but I had to take it back a notch & thought let’s start with this whole wardrobe concept again. Took some cues from her blog & thought ‘Yes this is me & what I’m going to add as a focus for this year!’

So I hauled ass and disposed of 22 additional items and currently my fashion situation is this:

18 pairs of shoes

4 bags

74 clothing items + 14 gym clothes items 

= 88 clothing items in total 

110 items in total 

I want to replace some items and add new ones to what I currently have. I’m going to stick to ‘some rules’ for my new found spending habits & hope for the best. My gym items are somewhat out of control but this is my living attire on weekends, so I’m currently undecided on the QTY’s on this.


I’ll be sure to keep you posted on what comes of this concept and my next goal is 80 items. (Call me crazy?!)

I probably need to also downsize again on cosmetics, I currently have 11 different cleansers in my bathroom. (Beauty overconsumption at its finest)

The one thing I do plan on keeping is my current hair situation. Internally I’m still that 4 year old extremist, (side shave of 2014 was an example of this) while 33 year old me is too fashion conscious to invite my hairdresser to style a new ‘party in the back’ look. Maybe I have matured with age…who am I kidding?!


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