Gazing into a crystal ball always seems like a good idea! 

Last week I enlightened you all (or maybe just myself) about my inner extremist. Well it’s funny when I write or should I say, overshare my life on this blog & how I feel I am as a person, I tend to sway from 1 point of view to another and I found out… it’s just me as a  person. Lol. (First pumps for an extra dose of crazy)

I went and saw Julia a physic over the weekend (I’m a physic advocate, love to get knee deep in woo woo from time to time but this was another level of woo woo) and after checking my birth chart (astrology and all that jazz) it turns out ‘I have a pretty f*cked up sign’ lol.

Her words not mine.

I’m a Virgo with Aries (in the lead), Leo and some Scorpio in my birth chart. This means the deck of cards I have been dealt are somewhat conflicting. I go from 1 list of ideals to another – linear, black & white, corporate to over the top hippy, holistic and wanting to enrich my soul.

I don’t know if it made me feel better, or gave me an excuse for who I am as a person but what it did give me is acceptance, as I believe it’s easy to question who you are as a person, compare yourself to others or wish you were someone you were not born to be.

I won’t get into all the specifics of my visit & try to recreate a paragraph of our 30 minute conversation but I’ll tell you this, when you know you need to walk down a path, a path that remains untapped in your current world, that you can see it, but your not sure what it may lead to, then that right there can be frustrating, scary or you want to get there now. (I’m an impatient person so I’m going with the third point in that sentence)

Well that damn path I’ve been on for 9 years now and I’m not finished with that path yet. 2018 is my year…apparently. But it’s reassuring to know that I will get there, or the path I’ve decided to follow, is in fact the right one. It kind of makes all the internal questions that I’ve been asking myself ok and that I just need to keep moving forward if I’m ever going to reach the end.

It’s funny how even though you may know the answers to your own questions, it takes an absolute stranger that knows nothing about you, to give you insights into who you are and all of a sudden it gives you a sense of relief.

One thing she did tell me, is not to worry about a certain ‘crazy cat’ lady syndrome, it’s not going to happen I just need to be specific with what I want & get real on this so called situation of being ‘single’. And that I should follow my desires of what sets my soul on fire and my contribution to it. My end result of this next chapter will not be what I expect it to be and of course I must roll with it and stop over planning because you know, that kills the magic.

So I’ve brought myself an agate necklace (designer of course, minimization anyone?) and I’m hoping it will help to balance this Aries moon/Virgo yin & yang I have going on or at least give me strength to get through this last year of my 9 year cycle, oh what a 9 years it has been. (just when I thought 2017 would be a good one)

So if my predictions are correct (or Julia’s) this blog is going to get a whole lot more insightful and entertaining.

Bring it on!

K X 

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