Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses (or a flower, whatever delights you & you can get your hands on) 

I am writing this after 1 heck of a week and I have a weekend I’m about to embark on of downtime (finally – thank goodness!)

I vowed sometime I would slow down, um hello is anyone in there…?! (currently tapping at my head assuming my mind clearly doesn’t want to respond). Well I lied as the last 18 months my life hasn’t stopped. I thought working through the festive season would allow me some catch up time but boy was I wrong. Ha! Wishful thinking Kristy.

It’s funny how work can define who you are sometimes or the roles we play in life. Our hobbies, interests, or what we think we are good at. Some people define who they are by their eating preferences (sorry to all the vegans out there, I know for you it’s a big deal)

But it got me thinking, as I’m trying something new this year. When someone asks how I am, I’m going to take a moment to answer them honestly (and also after I’ve taken a breath). It’s so easy to be caught up in what you’re currently doing, or answer on the run, or think of a million things you could be doing, while the person standing opposite you is expecting your undivided attention in return of theirs. It’s also easy to answer from a work perspective, or what your currently ‘working’ on at work, because let’s face it we spend most of our time there & it’s easy to allow it to creep in and define who we are.

I was told recently (by Julia the physic, when I let my inner woo woo be indulged) to embark on a science experiment for the next 3 months and to just have fun! I’m not just talking personal life, mainly work. Easier said than done, but I’m working on it.

Fun, what defines fun? It got me thinking on the subject (which then made my mind wander to what I actually do in a day – I’ll keep that to myself for now) and it’s so easy to allow all of the overwhelming moments and negatives cloud your judgement and not allow you to put things into perspective. Glass half empty kinda reality instead of the full part.

I had a meltdown recently (1 of many these last 6 months or the last year but who’s counting, I’m only human ok lol) and just by allowing myself to actually have a moment, reminded me I’m not invincible and yes I’m human. This made me realize there will always be obstacles & it’s up to me how I choose to respond to them. 1 of the many traits of a Virgo – intoxicating perfectionist.

All of these key points feature heavily on work and my responses of late. But what I need to share is all of the highs of my everyday ‘work’ life. (Perspective can be a great gift when you allow it to be)

I get to try, indulge and immerse myself in every beauty product imaginable. On reflection most people would die over my cosmetics stash.

I get to meet & work with inspirational people. Nicole Richie & Jen Atkin are up there but all of the educators, brand founders & representatives (too many to name) are pretty tops in my books!

I get to have a laugh almost every day, be unapologetically myself, drink coconuts, eat too many chocolates and have dramatic rants (swearing normally is involved) with the peeps I surround myself with everyday.

I learn more from the Beauty Advisors in our industry than google could ever provide me. They make me laugh, I’ve overheard too many inappropriate stories to recount, inspire me with their beauty addiction & I’m unsure how PC this ‘harum’ response is momentarily (Just quietly praying it stays in the lunchroom)

There’s many highs but like anything they get moved aside when push comes to shove. Let’s put things into perspective K – I live overlooking the Sydney harbor, I can look after myself (like a real life adult), I don’t have any crazy addiction (but how creepy/good is that show?!) and even though my besties aren’t by my side, I’m meeting some amazing human beings along the way.

So on that note, I’m about to stop and smell the roses. Be a bad ass goal kicker while lightening up somewhat. Say yes to that next glass of wine & if I don’t ever get around to responding to all of my emails, so what. To work on my downward dog at Yoga, finish my nutrition cert (1 chapter left), study more, embrace the crazy that is work, travel more (Cuba, Miami & Mexico with my Soul Sista SJT are next – we truly do make a crazy & aspirational couple) and get prettied up & rock bright lipstick more often, because how good does it make you feel!

Vamos a echar un pie!


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