It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then. -Alice

Now this topic isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea and I get it, it’s like you want to live life not having to worry about every bloody thing… is this toxic or is it not. But let me tell you, when you take a small peak into the rabbit hole it’s so hard to come back out.

My inquisitive nature began probably about a year ago. I was 6 months into my new job and with the amount of exposure I get with cosmetic brands now, there’s always a lot of conversation around certain trends, ingredients and what brand values and beliefs are. I’ve worked in cosmetics for a long time (too long to recall, or rather I’m trying to avoid how old I’m sounding momentarily) and I ‘chose’ to ignore a lot back then as ignorance is bliss right?!

When I decided to meal prep for 12 weeks and enter my first (and only) fitness model competition (plus the 12 month journey and slight depression that came post competing), I learnt a lot about health and living a life of wellness and holistic health. However, a lot of the info I knew and read didn’t make sense until I started digging deeper and tried alternatives… let me elaborate further.

I started looking at all of my skincare ingredients and what I wanted to achieve for my skin (I’m working towards the no makeup makeup look without the Donatella Versace bank account). I’m not here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t use, I’m just eluding to you to get inquisitive. If you’re anything like me and into your health then what you put on your skin and what you’re exposed to, will impact this.

To get to the point, it started with skincare, I swapped chemicals and technology for science and nutrients! I’ll have to haul ass & write a post on my go to brands (coming soon) and not only are they better options for my skin, my skin has never looked this good (except for when I traded my lifestyle from pizza and Smirnoff blacks to sobriety and all organic food – that was a massive skin overhaul)

Then I swapped out my body wash, body oils, deodorant and toothpaste for natural options (plus functional alternatives as let’s face it I plan not to smell like patchouli and like I’ve just been at Rainbow Serpent raving in the sun in a 2 piece for a month). This lead to dishwashing liquid, washing liquid, household cleaners and even some of the fabric options for my clothes.

The list goes on.

Makeup was the next step… and that’s been somewhat harder. I downloaded an app called ‘Think Dirty‘ and most of my items rank fair but I’ve got some work to do. Anything that rates higher than that, had to go…to a more beloved home. (I still try everything, I can’t bring myself not to know – just yet!)

So my Alice in Wonderland adventure down the rabbit hole, became questionable over the weekend.

1 – I’ve just purchased Eco bedding sustainably sourced and apparently they are as soft as silk. Bye bye 1000 thread sheet count.

2 – I purchased a new shaver from ‘The Cruelty Free Shop’ it’s made out of recycled yoghurt cups but looks completely normal. (I’m not packing my bags and moving to Nimbin yet) I brought it, as it’s ingredients contain coconut oil and aloe. Take a look at your fancy shaver the next time you’re due for one and the ingredients listed on the back will blow your mind for some extra lubrication. I’m unsure how welcome I was walking into the store though. It seemed ironic staring at the baby pig photo on the wall when I couldn’t give up the protein life to save myself (all about the hamburger life yo) and I ever so delicately had my Maje suede bag hanging over my shoulder.

The whole thing sounded questionable, recycled shaver vs Maje suede bag but hey small steps lead to great accomplishments right?

I’m unsure of the featured yellow hue.

The rise of technology gives us constant access to information, sometimes too much or at other times finding a reasonable & diplomatic viewpoint. I’m not ready to minimize my entire life but as things run out or are time to go, I will replace with items that are either better for the environment or for me. Whatever floats my boat or your boat, I ain’t planning to get preachy on the subject.

Who am I to give an opinion anyway? As I refuse to part with my beloved Morrison leather jacket.

I may be chemical/ingredient conscious but I’m not planning on trading it for veganism and pleather skirts.
Stay curious.


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