Beauty Addict. Skincare Junkie. Intoxicatingly Obsessed. 

‘Skincare. What should I use, I want skin like yours?!’ 

A question I get asked on the regular. Wether it be with friends, acquaintances or people I work with. I’m here to break it to you (well half of it!) 

I’m lucky my nana had great skin & my mum looks pretty banging for just under 60 (sorry Mum on the age mention). I was just blessed with those Turner skin genetics. (Hallelujah, I didn’t get stuck with that last name though)

I DO however look after my skin, my secret obsession is skincare. I’m a junkie on the stuff but that wasn’t always the case for me. My friends were way ahead on the cosmetics front when I was a teenager. I’m pretty sure when I even started out in this whole new beauty realm, (early 20’s) I hadn’t even used the brand I embarked on first. Well that changed…a lot! Mostly over the last 2-3 years.

Let’s fast track a bit, as I’ve played in the cosmetics world for almost 10 years now and so much has changed in this industry since then. I’ve seen every trend imaginable, ingredients that customers demand in their beauty essentials, technologies removed with bad press and products evolve.

Me, I’m on this whole natural (ish), scientific, organic, effective skincare trend momentarily. (No, I’m not vegan. Yes, I’m a little crazy into wellbeing at this point in time. Will it change anytime soon, probably not.)

I can’t give you recommendations based on your skin type & concerns, or recommend you the perfect product solution, or promise you miraculous results. What I can do is share with you what I’m currently crushing on, share with you what I do love doing when it comes to my beauty rituals and you can embark on your own journey. (Of course, feel free to hound me with any Q’s you may have & I’ll see what magic I can work from afar)


Cleanse every day! AM & PM non negotiable. I’ll award gold stars for the double cleansers out there in the PM, you officially rock. (How else is that makeup coming off huni, before you can even get to that oil & dirt)

Toner. Questionable. I use one that removes my eye makeup too (high five on the multitaskers) and it’s incredible for making me feel good. Can I live without it? Yes. Do I want to? No. 

Serum. Use this to treat whatever your main concern is. Mine was anti-aging, it’s now discoloration, so I’m trying to keep on top of it and when I do the magic happens.

Moisturizer. How could you not want to? With the right moisturizer for your skin type, it can work miracles. If you’ve ever had a great facial & you walk out of the place glowing, that’s what your perfect fit moisturizer should do for you. Morning, Night, whatever you prefer, I have a few as I’m totally into making this a sensorial experience. 

SPF. Just do it! Up to 90% of ageing comes from UV damage (even when you’re under those neon lights inside, you’re exposed). Want flawless skin, this is a no brainer. 


Masks. I have 6 at the moment. Not only do they make me embark on my very own beauty ritual 3 nights a week, I use what my skin needs depending on how I’m feeling. Obsessed is an understatement.

Setting Spray/Mists. I have 1 in my gym bag, 1 on my desk at work & 2 on my vanity at home. I tend to get dehydrated skin & these hit the spot. (Plus they smell incredible and make me feel amazing!)

Exfoliater. Work out what your strength is, consult an ‘unbiased expert’, that can give you advice on multiple brands. I use both chemical exfoliation (liquid) & manual exfoliation (beaded) as my skin loves it after all this time. 

Eye cream. Currently not using one (don’t judge me) but would definitely recommend. I haven’t been able to find one that I can’t live without, or that works for me. I’m still on the hunt. 

Body oil. I know it’s not face and I don’t want to make this post any longer, but it’s in my featured image & I can’t get enough of it! Oh and a good body scrub too, life changing. 


These are my current go to’s based on wanting effective products, that play in the more natural (ish) arena. My skin hasn’t looked this angelic in a long time (insert awkward 33 year old selfie below). I will rotate the products above between the brands and I don’t have a set routine. I give my skin what it needs on that day and mix it up, plus it makes it more fun!! I’m also mindful that not everyone gets to indulge in a beauty stash like mine, but start with 1 necessity to change your skin life and move forth from there. 

Arcona – LOVE! 2 years in my stash & it will always be a brand I go to because of the ingredients, smell & results. Just tried their new mask tonight & OMG. (I captured another great selfie for your amusement) 

Alpha H – Shoutout to a local AUS brand. Their Liquid Gold changed my life, the trick is how to use this product properly & lots of people get it wrong. Plus they have so many other hidden gems.

Caudalie – Who doesn’t want their skincare to come from one of the top 5 French Chateaus in the world? Enough said.

Estelle & Thild – if you’re on the hunt for organic, start here. 

Edible Beauty – another AUS brand, with a beautiful story to match. There’s something  about naturopathy & products that gets me excited.

Farmacy – just watch the brand video on their site, I can’t do it justice in words. One word – echinacea. One perspective – game changer. 

Herbivore – I feel like I’m a wonderous hippie when I use their products. There’s something that makes you feel good, when food grade cosmetics are applied to your face. Plus I’m a sucker for no fuss packaging. 

Photos of moi from today, no filter, natural light, flaws & all, plus an awkward bare face selfie. 

Disclaimer: I’ve dabbled in Botox, forehead only. Last time was about 4+ months ago. It’s been a 6 monthly ritual for the last 2 years. (HELLO, waking up & turning 30 changes everything)  I’m undecided if it’s something I’ll keep doing, as I keep going down this crazy natural path. I had my eyes done once about 14 months ago, it was laughable. I couldn’t move my face for a month (hardly any units too), I’ve had a droopy eye twice. If that’s not a deterrent for an invasive chemical, what is? Kudos to the kids that rock it, I’m going to try this ageing gracefully trend. (for now)

Get addicted!!

K X 

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