My tricks to keeping that so-called spark alive. 

If you open up any health, fitness or wellbeing magazine, blog, click through on social media or embark on a google binge – there’s so much information out there and it can be contradictory or downright confusing.

I’ve tried many fads, fallen in love with some trends and kicked some profound information right to the curb, as it just wasn’t for me. BUT and there’s always a but, I do love some of the info that’s fallen into my lap, if it helps me to look, feel and perform better! (I’m meaning at the gym kids, promise)

There’s probably a time in your life when you have whole heartedly focused on one area and that means, you guessed it… other priorities take a back seat. 

I once lived and worked in Melbourne for just under a year. (Only a stones through ago, but it already feels like a lifetime) Gold Coast girl meets diverse & social city, more commonly known to her as the concrete jungle. I said goodbye to morning beach walks, vitamin D (it’s true what they say, what Melbourne brings to the table in an uber cool city, it lacks in the weather department), weekends of rest & relaxation & of course my beloved gym time. I focused solely on my career which meant, my relationship with myself and everything I had once achieved was neglected. When I look back, only I have myself to blame but sometimes (there’s that but again), elements are completely & utterly out of your control. I should probably add, I was itching for a change & I wanted so desperately to make Melbourne my new home. 

Well at this very moment, I find myself back in Melbourne for work but as a new person that can see Melbourne for what it really is, a city with soul, the best food – especially my favorite: Pho, but a place I prefer to come and go to as I please.

Yesterday however, I found myself back in burn out zone, actually to be honest feeling like sh*t and I now know what I need to do to get that so called ‘spark’ back. It may of also been because there’s this really hot fitness guy, I totally crush on on Instagram and he was having a moment on consistency & my inner lightbulb went off. 

Back to my original point, now I’ve set the tone and given you some background to the content of this post. I wanted to share with you some of the things I do to feel good. There’s things in the below list I am definitely not perfect at, sometimes I slip up and don’t practice any of them at all for days or weeks at a time and others I have consistently in the front of my mind, as they are pretty much tattooed in my brain. 

What’s important is finding your inner ‘spark’ – the ones that set your soul on fire & integrate them as much as your body allows. Then you truly do feel fulfilled & when that happens, (I know from experience) you could totally take on the world if a zombie apocalypse hit… like a real life Walking Dead (fan girl right here!)

Plus that most important word – consistency. 

As I travel a lot & also work a lot, these have become some of my rituals for seeking balance & feeling good (plus I love being a crazy hippie & wether some of these work or not, I don’t care – cause I love them) 

Herbal tea – there’s something about a cup of tea that makes you feel good. I went to a local herbalist on Chapel St in Melbourne this weekend. Italian guy from a long line of herbalists and he made me a tea for immunity and it should also help with my energy. If you can go and see someone that specializes in the stuff, you won’t look back. Recommended dose: drink everyday for superpowers. 

Water – I love the stuff, especially when I’m flying. I can sometimes forget how important it is but it truly does make you feel like a million bucks. I’m a sparkling water kinda girl, just saying.

Good food – I am lactose intolerant & gluten sensitive, but isn’t everyone these days? Plus I don’t like sounding like a ‘wanker’. I went to town the day I arrived. Girl meets Italian restaurant with duck pasta & a ‘much deserved’ dessert – but I paid for it. Out goes ‘letting myself go’ and in walks ‘meals delivered to my hotel’ for the week. I use YouFoodz as they’re easy for me on the go. Working away from home is no excuse to have an all out binge fest and feel sorry for yourself later. 


Book Club baby – if you’re into it. Book, magazine, whatever you’re loving momentarily. It’s important to digitally switch off and get some ‘me’ time in. I’m totally into Frank Lipman at the mo. (My current iBook here

Work out – I’ve booked into classes all of this week, as a no excuses accountability to myself. I’ve hit the hotel gym twice since my arrival & I instantly felt better. The best thing is on the MindBody App most places offer a week + unlimited & you can mix it up by trying something new. I’m going to post about this in the future, as today I found a class that was the bomb and need to share some fitness thoughts on this…watch this space. 

Candles – Now before you think, what the?! This can be the ultimate zen builder. I now travel with 100% beeswax candles & a Himalayan salt holder. You have no idea what you’re missing. Just think clean air, increasing negative ions & bye bye to stuffy hotel rooms (well almost). Well worth the extra 500g in your suitcase. At home I have an essential oil diffuser, 24/7 it’s going & worth every penny. 

Protein Powder – I take this with me everywhere. Find a good quality one you love. I miss my morning smoothie so bad, that if I travel with this at least I’m getting my protein intake in & it’s still on hand when I’m hitting the gym. 

Me time – I distaste painting my nails, it never looks as good! So me time is either Manicure, Pedicure, Massage or some mediation. When I travel it’s a good excuse to make this a priority. This doesn’t mean though you have to spend loads of cash. Pull out your favorite polish, slip on a hair mask, paint on a face mask & put your feet up for some DIY. It’s sometimes nice just taking a moment for yourself, with no distractions. Meditation I integrated into my life about 6 years ago (without me even knowing) and I’ve never looked back.

Planning – If I plan my time or at least have somewhat of an agenda, I find myself more productive and with MORE time. Go figure?! 

Sleep – I’m a horrible person without it. I’ve learnt that if all else fails, this is my creme dela creme. On the days I need to, I lay around all day and on others I can be up at 5am. Currently sleeping with a variety of crystals under my pillow (hippie concoction) and I wake feeling ace. Not crazy at all, promise. 

Sensory deprivation – Long time fan right here. I can thank my best friends for my first ever ‘birthday float’. If you’re interested tap this link. I have my third in a month booked next week & it truly is a deal breaker in my life. (Not for the lighthearted)

Floating into the abyss. 

So there you have it, my modern girl list of rituals for overcoming life. As let’s face it life can be somewhat in your face at times. Wether it be work or play it’s important to do things you love for some added zen. I love nothing more than putting down my phone from endless scrolling & getting one of these elements into my life…and stat.

Happy hippiness!

K X 

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