If only a cocktail was as nutritionally appealing as a green smoothie. 

I’m back homeward bound before I embark on my next work adventure. I’ve taken this week to switch off completely, inclusive of finishing my nutrition certification, sleep ins, gym time, isolation floats, getting my brows tattooed (goodbye non existent brows), new looks – bye bye platinum hair, dental appointments, beach bum action and all the things you do when you have no deadlines or responsibilities. I also have my phone on ‘do not disturb’ mode – living on the edge currently.

There’s some life enhancements (I’ve rediscovered) I’m sharing with you, as I had some realizations while on the road. Of course they are all health related & you might be starting to think I have a common theme around here, if you did then you’re right. 

Everything I try to do in life has to add value to me…And what I’ve learnt in my 33 years is feeling good on the inside, makes you feel good on the outside (without sounding like an enchanting wizard)

First up my everyday green smoothie (hulk juice) recipe.

I’ve missed it ever so much and I will be back to having this everyday for the week. My body is so accustomed (and finds this totally delicious), that while I’m traveling it can become difficult to find a compatible alternative. I’ve also realized that my way of eating isn’t just great for my own personal health, my body also struggles if I go somewhat off the deep end, to ever so graciously recover.

I have had many variations of this smoothie over the years. I used to add banana & cacao, now I use mango for a lower carb content/sugar spike (sugar and I aren’t the best of friends). The more greens the better & I promise if you buy quality, you won’t taste them at all!

Green Smoothie Recipe

  • 250 ml of homemade coconut milk
  • 1 handful of organic spinach leaves 
  • 1 tbsp of Flaxseed oil (Omega 3’s baby!)
  • 1/2 cup of frozen mango
  • 1 scoop of natural whey protein concentrate (I use WPI pre and post workout)

Blend together for the ultimate taste sensation.

The frozen mango makes this smoothie cold, thick & creamy. Use another frozen fruit to meet your own desires.

Barre. How have I never found you? 

For my Melbourne peeps, I’m totally jealous right now as I stumbled across the best classes and space I’ve ever found in this arena. Check out Core Candy if Pilates, Barre, Boxing & HIIT (somewhat combined) sounds like you. I loved the variations in the classes, Barre Cardio almost killed me (dying quietly in the corner of the class with my gym towel & water bottle) but I left feeling amazing & inspired by the space & people. (My long term dream is to own an uber cool space like this one day)

I’m now on the hunt for a Sydney alternative (and Brisbane, as I’ll be there next week for almost a month). I’m trying to submerge myself completely into this yoga trend but I’m not there just yet, I think this Barre concept could be my <in between weight training> extra curricular activity. 

Who would of ever thought, party girl turned weight training extraordinaire (I used to be able to leg press 220kg once upon a time, those days are long gone), turned part time ballerina…?!

Intermittent fasting. I’m trialling this, why? 

I’ve eaten 6 small meals everyday for 5-6 years and I understand fats, proteins, carbs, my body is relatively healthy & I supplement accordingly. 

I’ve felt recently that I need to support my gut health more, rest my digestive system at times and allow myself to be…just a teeny bit hungry. 

This definitely isn’t for everyone but I feel like it’s for me right now. I have my sleep dialed in and I’m keeping my adrenals subdued (well trying too). I’m on day 3 and I’m feeling fantastic, less lethargic and with more energy. I’m also following protocol from Mark Sisson’s recommendations here. I’ll be sure to update my blog if this works for me or not. I believe you need a great base to your health for this to work effectively and it doesn’t mean you should be starving yourself for the body of your dreams. 

After years of self directed learning, asking anyone in the industry for their advice, reading about nutrition, health & wellbeing I’m pretty attuned to my body and know what works and what doesn’t. (Like the fact I’ve snuck in a couple of extra kgs lately because I’ve been redlining my cortisol and shoveling too many carbohydrates into my mouth. Again, very well aware of my current habits)

So some current focuses I have going on – the right nutrition for the feel good factor & of course performance, timed nutrition to optimize my results (here’s hoping) and functional training so not only do I feel good, I can focus on some key areas I know would benefit from being used more in training.

And on that note it’s the weekend, so Peace, Love and Happiness!

K X 

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