Click your heels together three times & say ‘there’s no place like home’.

What defines your home? Is it where you park your car & house all of your worldly possessions? Is it where you’ve grown up your entire life and created most of your childhood memories? Is it where your loved ones reside & just visiting them gives you that sense of ‘security’? Is it where you can play obnoxious music ever so loudly on your boom box & dance like nobody is watching? Or is home where you choose to make it, as a home is only a noun and you can decide to define it however you want?

I’m sure you answered yes, to at least one of the above. I’ve struggled lately to answer this question honestly. I asked myself on the regular, ‘Where is my home?’ or ‘Is this my home?’ and time and time again I found it difficult to have an answer with real meaning behind it. Or even an answer at all.

Throughout stages of my life, home has been defined differently. I’ve lived in many great places (some places have great memories but definitely weren’t ‘The Ritz’ in terms of preferred choice of dwellings) and they have served their purpose as home for that period of time.

Today I caught myself contemplating this Q, but for a completely different reason…I suddenly felt like Sydney had become home. (Inserts fist pump here)

I’m day 5 into my long awaited break and today is the first time (in a long time) that I jumped out of bed, without the excessive need to overdose on coffee, crank some kick ass beats and attack the day with enthusiasm. Not only did this time to ‘switch off’ fulfill it’s purpose, I also can see things (my life that I constantly analyze, Virgo thing) for what they truly are…

Girl got some clarity going on right about now.

How the f*ck did I miss the magic of this place?! Sydney you are one killer spot and it’s taken me 6 months to not only realize this but see it with my own eyes. (Like I’ve been saying life has been getting the better of me of late, I’m only human)

So I’ve come to a conclusion, well many and I’m ranting on the subject. Home to me…is where you feel good. Like that old guns and roses teeshirt you wear to bed & refuse to throw out (picture below for some documented evidence). Home is where you have every amenity at your fingertips (I’m not sure if I’m meaning deliveroo or uber but god damn I love these services. Hangover Pho on speed dial, please & thank you) Home is where you find yourself returning to time and time again, because if the shoe fits right? (Or something along those lines)

Funny that?! Believe it or not I once despised this place, visited for work on the regular and it felt like me and Sydney (or should I say, Sydney & I) just couldn’t quite click but let me tell you those times have changed.

New Zealand Born. Yes that’s right, the accent gives me away. However, (every kiwi will hate me after saying this) as much as NZ is a beautiful country it never felt like home. Sure there were times when I enjoyed it, even loved it but I was on the search for something else.

Gold Coast. You give me goosebumps just thinking about you. I’m pretty sure every Australia Day I post a picture of a Surfers Paradise beach with the words ‘You’re the Gold to my Coast, the Vegemite to my Toast.’ I even had on my tinder profile <GC Raised> just because this feels like the place where I became who I am today. (I know, I know it’s that hippie shit again lol) But once again, K was on the search for something more.

I’m not adding Brisbane into the equation, as that was a short stint in between…but I did have a few kick ass apartments here and skull many drinks with the girls out of cheap bottles of passion pop (oh you guessed it a throwback picture, just to relive the memory) 

The filter definitely adds a touch of ‘classic-ness’ to this image. I’m sure the wine didn’t make me feel GR-8 the next day though.

Melbourne. You and I had a sordid love affair. One with many lust filled moments and an ending on bad terms. We’ve become friends again and if we both play it cool, the modest relationship will continue. You’ve been like a bad boyfriend to me. Like the ones you know are just not good for you but you return, hoping for a different outcome.

Which brings me to Sydney. I’m leaving this paragraph unfinished. Meaning I don’t want to fill it up with my current perceptions, as there’s still so much for me to discover. What I do want to share though is the following:

Fashion. Boys. Beaches. Drinks. New friends. Big city hustle. Views. Endless opportunities. Weather. Home.

I feel like Carrie in Sex and the City, discovering herself and her love for the big apple. But damn it feels good to see something in a new light.

Sydney, you are currently rocking my world and no doubt I will find my tribe and we will live happily ever after.

Yours truly,

K X 

‘If Louis was right, and you only get one great love, New York may just be mine. And I can’t have nobody talking shit about my boyfriend’. 


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