Letting it all hang out – literally. 

So food, I have a love hate relationship with you. We have been through many ups and downs together but I finally feel like we’re getting our groove back. (I want to incorporate the word jive in this sentence, as it sounds so ‘white dad at a BBQ’, but it doesn’t quite fit the way I would want to. Just know I’m jiving inside, for what I’m about to tell you)

Before I go any further, I first want to shout from the rooftops I passed my nutrition certification last week and scored 100%! A small milestone for me, in an area that I am truly passionate about (Just going to keep on ticking those boxes this year)

But…(there’s that but again) through any learning, wether it be studying, reading articles or having a dig around on your favorite websites, there’s always going to be conflicting information, right?

The moral of my story is…stick to what you know or in other words – what you know works!

That morning approximately 5 years ago (its edging towards 6), I changed my life purely for vanity reasons at the time. Not long after however it turned into something on a deeper level, I wanted to get healthy! (Cue the violins people)

The best thing I did was go paleo. I cut out all grains, legumes (except peanut butter, why would I ever want to do this. Peanut butter is life) and dairy. This was f*ckn sensational for my body. I looked, felt and performed better. But like any journey, or just one of the many challenges of being a human being on planet earth, we test the boundaries, just because we can.

You know why I stopped paleo? Because making a raw ‘paleo’ dessert, ‘paleo’ bread or trying to recreate a ‘paleo’ biscuit didn’t feel very ‘paleo’. Go figure. I was sick of this whole community of ‘let’s make everything paleo!’ And I’m pretty sure our ancestors weren’t whipping up some 10 ingredient biscuits, paleo or not for their neighbor across the street.

Between then and now, I’ve probably tested my tolerances on one too many occasions, purely because I may of wanted to follow an eating plan ‘like this’ or ‘you need to incorporate this’ but after my week off and cutting everything back out of my diet to reintroduce certain foods the results are grotesque. 

I’m not going to try and convince you of what food groups, I believe are bad. Everyone has different sensitivities, this is evidence that I just can’t eat wheat. (Hating on all grains momentarily)

Every time I eat oats, grains or any of the gluten free kinds I blow up like a balloon – cue before and after pic. 

Left – from one of my moments with gluten. Um I look pregnant or maybe beer gut?! Right – today with no wheat, just working on those non existent abs. (But completely happy with all things life!) 

So from this day forth, I am not going anywhere near any of the highlighted culprits and above all, if I have to scream to the world I’m gluten intolerant – so be it.

Dairy & Sugar – you both have a lot to answer for. We are never going to be friends again but we can leave that word retaliation for another day.

Moral of the story kids, if you know something isn’t for you, like that chocolate bar that gives you a moment of pleasure but leaves you feeling like you’re in a sugar coma for the hour afterwards, it probably is in the long term not worth it.

In a well known study, mice were given the option of cocaine or sugar on tap for them to go to town on. What one do you think they kept going back for?

Stay sweet my friends but the good kinda sweet variety!

K X 

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