Who run the world, GIRLS?!

The title of this post will probably only attract a small minority of the female psyche. However, does anyone invest in reading my wandering thoughts anyway…

Today is International Women’s Day & I feel almost obligated to pen down my current views on this topic. As I opened up my social media feed this morning on multiple platforms, there has been a continual stream of posts, beliefs, ideals and expressive pictures with commonalities, all embracing women and praising some old fashioned ‘girl power‘.

I may sound completely ignorant here but isn’t every day, a day where as a woman, man or whoever/whatever you identify with a day called for celebration?

As I sit here I am reminded of many things (in my so called ignorant state), that didn’t initially come to mind.

I feel very blessed, grateful, lucky. However, you wish to define it that my mum raised me to be ‘a so called independent women’ that ‘take no sh*t from no man’ & ‘own who you are every second of every day’. (My greatest gifts and also downfalls for being one hell of a dominant individual <as many of the personality coding tests I have completed explain> or as I like to refer to it as – knowing oneself!)

This made me look at International women’s day from a different perspective – to celebrate the strong influential women out there (my mother deserves a shoutout for raising me on her own, with minimal assistance from anyone) but not just for one day…this should be pretty much, plain and simple for every day. To be grateful and reminded of the fabulous people, one surrounds them-self with. Past or present. 

Wasn’t my Mum such a babe? (Suey/Suedogg – she hates these names – sorry! Not really. She’ll also possibly kill me for posting this picture) Nana doesn’t look drunk here, so obviously it was a good day.

Mob mentality, inclusive cultures, we live in a world where social media drives the next big thing. Wether it’s world cereal day yesterday or world Barbie day tomorrow, a celebration of dress up your pet day or wear two different coloured shoes day. As peeps we love to be included and jump on the bandwagon to become a part of something. (Or maybe just find humor in it, like I do in the majority). What’s important is reflecting on what you do want to stand up for, own your beliefs & values & allow them to define a part of who you truly are.

So I took today as an opportunity to just own it. As I sat this evening at a Brisbane Barre Studio (on the road again) at my Pilates class, while the teacher was instructing us to engage our core muscles (similar to holding in your pee – so glamorous girls) I was reminded of how many goals I still want to kick, how many people of many walks of life I still have to meet & how many places I still need to travel, as I feel obligated in this life to continually learn – and of course own it.

I owned engaging my core muscles & every pose that I was challenged with at Pilates, I owned (or currently owning) lying on my hotel bed in my underwear with a face mask on – somewhat indulging, I also owned the kingfish sashimi that I ordered post training – ever so quickly.

Today for me wasn’t about international women’s day, it was another day to worship the fierce and game-changing individuals that you genuinely look up to in life. It was a reminder to love what you do & do what you love only and slow down (where necessary) and smell the f*cken roses.

You come into this world with nothing & you leave with nothing, so you better make the journey in between a memorable one. Not just for 1 day, every day! 

So slayyyy B. 

K X 

Take note: my feature image is me, owning a bowl cut. Just saying. 

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