Life is one hell of a journey.

I’m currently sitting at Sydney domestic airport on a Sunday afternoon, as I await the aircraft that will be taking me back to Brisbane for 1 last week of working away. I must add I’m hauled up on the massage chair, refusing to put money in it while the guy next to me is asleep on the floor – snoring. When did airports get so unglamorous? (I was in the Virgin lounge on Friday night, using 1 of my complimentary passes and it’s not much better in than out)

So by now if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’d understand heath & wellness is the underlining theme and the odd commentary around my (nonexistent) love life. (I promise to work on that when I make it back to Sydney). If your new here then hola!

I want this blog to be about something new I tried today and for the life of me I can’t quite get there, as I have a thought that’s currently intoxicating and is affecting me emotionally.

So I’m going to spit it out and hope I can articulate myself (to the best of my ability) and raise awareness, even though I’m completely uneducated in the subject.

Sickness, death, everyone deals with it differently. Growing up I never had high levels of empathy and wondered sometimes if there was something wrong with me as I didn’t quite have the response people around me did. Don’t get me wrong there have been times I have felt complete & utter sadness, shed tears, celebrated someone’s life but grief and I haven’t been closely acquainted.

When Pa died (my grandad) I was living in Australia and didn’t get to see his demise. He was one of my closest relatives I had and I think of him often however, I hardly shed a tear at the time. (Shoutout to my Pa, you were a stubborn old dude but had a heart of gold & I loved the endless bottles of lemonade & mints you provided me growing up)

Fast forward 12 years and I cry at the drop of a hat, watching The Walking Dead (spoiler alert – I was devastated when Glen died) and my latest ‘The Kindness Diaries’ when I see happiness in someone’s eyes.

Emotion is weird how it can affect you which leads me to the word cancer. My beautiful, ever so positive friend Leah is currently about to embark on a new journey – chemotherapy. I struggle to even pen this down as she means the absolute world to me for various reasons.

I met Leah as a teenager when I worked at Jay Jay’s. Her Mum Pae came into the store I was managing at the time and was looking for a job for her daughter. Her Mum and I just clicked! She was this fierce, courageous and outgoing women and I probably chatted her ear off every time she visited. So it was only natural that Leah came to work with our team.

Disclaimer: Before I go any further, on reflection I was probably a terrible manager as I was 17 when I went to manage my first store and I have many cringe worthy moments, that I’ve blocked out for good (apologies to anyone that had the pleasure of working with me – crazy Virgo status again)

Leah and I worked for a number of years together and throughout that time, her Mum Pae sadly passed away because of that dreaded C word. Each year when I see Pae’s anniversary of life role around, I always keep the family in my thoughts.

Which brings me to Leah, this incredibly talented individual that has a smile that lights up a room has not only had to loose her Mum in the process, is about to embark on a new journey as she has stage 2 breast cancer. Pissed at the universe when I found out, was an understatement.

It is too common now as almost everyone knows someone, that has been affected by this shitty disease. (I don’t feel so crazy cutting out chemicals in my food, house and limited toxicity on all levels)

So the only educated opinion I can have right now, is to look after yourself the best way you know how and go and get checked. I am committing to making this happen next week when I am back from travel (with the prompt from my gorgeous colleague Maddie also under similar circumstances within her family, I now know where to start)

So today, my new wellness find can wait until another day to share with the world and instead I choose to send love & light to Leah and hope she can embark on this journey with support, strength and the courage to keep moving forward as you are a f*ckn incredible human sister and I am beyond proud to call you my friend!!

K X 

“Don’t let anyone sadden you & try to break your beautiful spirit – you are worth too much!!”

-Pae’s words to me in the last card I received from her and now I pass them onto you dear Leah. 

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