When yoga pants become socially acceptable as day wear. 

So this week so far has been full of milestones, some larger than others and some more confronting to accept.

On a rainy Monday morning I was walking to the train station, on my way to work and I had a smile on my face. (not the creepy weird kind, when you see someone walking towards you by themselves. I’d probably refer to it as a smirk – insert emoji example here 😏)

My weekend was full of reflection, goal setting, eating, binge watching what Netflix had on offer, booked some international flights (woohoo) and got REAL clear on my current situation. I’m talking life goals.

I currently have a life goals list and I’m going to ensure, I make my way through this monster and come out on the other side on top. (I’m sure you’ll hear about these soon enough) I’m also reading an incredible book to help me on this topic. Scary part is when I read it, it’s like my thoughts on a page. Nice to know I’m not the only crazy person out there, questioning life and existence.

In walks more study, hello certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness.

Now, I’ve battled with this concept for almost 4 years now. I’ve been like a cat chasing my tail. Ever since I competed in 2014 in a fitness model competition, I fell in love with inspiring others to lead a better lifestyle but didn’t want to be just another mainstream PT in this saturated industry. I have had some pretty mediocre experiences (or lack of) with PT’s, but also I’ve been lucky enough to have been educated from some of the best (shout out to Rick, you by far my friend changed my life, in more ways than you know!) I also wasn’t ready to let go of my beauty blender full time and my love of lipstick and powder. So like most human beings, I pushed my hobbies aside. As this was just a hobbit right?!

My cheer squad! Couldn’t of done any of it without them. 

So almost 3 years to the day from stepping on a stage in a sparkly red bikini with some sparkly bling, to flash my pearly whites (I’m pretty sure I cringed throughout the entire process) I now set myself a new challenge – to knock this course on it’s head in 6 months, so I can move onto the next one. (Stay tuned.) Completely achievable? Yes. Absolute madness? Probably. But I’ve never been one to do things in halves.

Back to that creepy smirk I had at the beginning and where I was going with that. Sometimes you have to face your fears, look at your future head on and make some pretty bold choices. I have always had a pang of regret when I take a leap of faith (there’s been too many to count) but I also get that rush from knowing that the step I’m about to take will be just right in the long term.

Stop wishing, start doing. If all that motivational jargon gets you going. I currently have on my vision board the following below however, I stay away from Instagram feeds with endless quotes and Facebook pages promoting daily inspiration. You know why? It’s not my thing, doing me is my thing and reading the words of Steven R Covey over a picturesque sunset in the background isn’t. Be rad and make up your own words to live by.

Staring back at me are:

Work hard, dream big.

Start now.

Follow that dream.

Short, sharp and shiny just like me.

K X 

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