Put a spotlight on it.

My setting tonight is transformed.

I have the usual suspects around me as I sit down to write, essential oil, Himalayan rock salt candle burning & a homemade hair mask in (I’m trying baking soda as I now regret my new auburn locks and want to make it easier before my next hair appointment. Google remedy)….but I have some tunes playing, seeing if an additional element will support my creative juices flowing!

Music has always been something I have loved and it all began with my first record (Yes, record. By this stage they were smaller) of Michael Jackson – Im bad.

I’m pretty sure Tom Cochran – Life is a highway wasn’t far after that, Ram Jam – Black Betty, Toni Braxton – You’re making me high, before pop took over with The Spice Girls and then in walked my genre of choice 90’s Rap & Hip Hop. (As much to my fathers distaste at the time, his favorite song was always Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama, a clash of genres somewhat colliding)

I remember having tastes in music, some fantastic and some cringe worthy but looking back I always had a diverse taste in music but certain genres and beats resonate with me more. (I used to dance like a stripper on repeat back in the day to a song called Right Thurr – Chingy)

So you can imagine my emotional response today when I discovered Drake (yes, another one of the many woman on earth that pines over this fabulous human) released an album 4 weeks ago and I still hadn’t hit the play button on it. Disappointed in myself was an understatement, as how am I ever going to move away from my 90’s and 00’s hip hop if I’m not turning on anything new?

Maybe it’s because I’m a trainer and predominantly with a room full of twenty somethings, that my Teen dance party & Throwback dance party playlists have been getting a workout. (Funnily enough my last training, it was like a 90’s revival month) Im also blaming my ongoing cravings for new information and knowledge, as when I’m not reading, I’m listening to a podcast which I still love to get down and dirty with but all this is about to change.

I’ve always felt like music is transformative. A great song that resonates with you can help you move on from a breakup, give you a burst of motivation, whether it’s in the gym or to get you outside to move, bring back a memory from a time or place and also help you to remember someone that may not longer be around in your life.

I’ve listened to countless hours of 50 cent, Lana Del Ray, 2Pac, BTNH, Adele, Schoolboy Q, Little Dragon, Yeezus, Lorde, Kendrick Lamar and Chet Faker to get me through a stage or moment in my life – Plus many more. As music makes you feel bloody amazing at times (I wish my dance moves were as rhythmic as some of the beats I listen to)

From this day forth I commit to myself to listen to more music, but my catch is sourcing new music. As I am a creature of habit and can kick back with my old favs. Gone are the days when I would stay up until 1.00am downloading new beats for the weekends drinking festivities (I was known for doing this on the regular). I refuse to be left behind & I want to reclaim my muso crown, I used to so proudly wear.

So I urge you to make a playlist, if you haven’t already done so lately. Or play some tunes that have been collecting dust and are ready to have the base turned up high as my trip down memory lane this weekend has been a fun one! (I’m going to ensure I do this often, as I feel 10% happier at least!) 

Here are my fav finds from my latest playlist this weekend (for the lyric lovers out there, I love sourcing songs that spark emotion and I’m not really a Top 40 pop kinda girl) and don’t forget I’m catching up, so hit me with your best shot. I’m on the hunt for auditory porn if you have any suggestions… you will probably notice, I have a trend going on. (Hip hop runs through my veins, I ain’t playing when I said spiritual gangster. Ha!) 

  1. Rockabye Baby – Joey Bada$$
  2. Prblms – 6LACK 
  3. do re mi – Blackbear
  4. Shutter Island – Jessie Reyez 
  5. Unforgettable – French Montana
  6. Passionfruit – Drake 
  7.  Humble – Kendrick Lamar

As I sign off from a good night with some good tunes, I’m reminded of Prince’s anniversary –  

“Music is music, ultimately. If it makes you feel good, cool”. – Prince 

(Source – Ilovehash instagram

K X 

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