A is for Alcohol. I much prefer A-lkalize.  

This week my body took a turn for the worst. You could say 50% underlying issues and 50% self inflicted, but boy did I not know what I was about to be in for.

My genetic makeup isn’t strong like a spartan, I’m thinking Gerard Butler in 300 kinda strong. My DNA I’m sure is spawned from a combination of Cher from Clueless and Napoleon Dynamite.

Before I was 10 I contracted a rare skin disease from a third world country and had to wear white gloves like Michael Jackson for a month (and i’d only visited Queenstown). When I was a teenager I had cellulitis in my throat and had an almost near death experience, spending the week in hospital and this also lead to finding out about my allergy to codeine. (It’s not much fun when they have to stick a microscope down your nose to get to your throat…) My twenties lead to a parasite contracted from Mexico, that decided my gut was a far more fun destination to live and they set up shop for 6 months and it took me 12+ months to recover post annihilating their ass!

I haven’t had anything blog worthy of late, but a pesky fungal infection on my back that’s been irritating me for vanity reasons this year and spreading at an accelerated rate. I’ve had it for almost 3 years with no confirmed diagnosis and it came and went but I didn’t have a doctor able to treat it until recently.

Long story short, my doctor gave me 2 rounds of medication. (To my protests but I eventually gave in, I hate any type of medication unless absolutely necessary) The second was a huge dose and I’ve had blood work taken in between as unfortunately with anti-fungal meds, liver damage can occur. (I’m now seeing a dermatologist, who not only diagnosed me in seconds also told me I should never of had all those meds…gotta love 21st century medicine)

In walks Kristy on Thursday evening about to embark on an enjoyable evening, sharing drinks, seeing off a work colleague and some witty banter.

Firstly the red wine was delicious and it was going down a treat. (Note to self; I must find out what it was)

Well, 1 drink lead to another and before I knew it I was drinking water and directing my uber driver for some late night takeout en route home.

Now this kid here has had some hangovers in her time, but to say I was violently ill was an understatement. I hadn’t felt this bad since a bout of food poisoning and to be honest that’s what I thought it was. My bed became my sanctuary for the next 36 hours.

Can I just say that what is life without our Mums?! My mum needs a shoutout, even in another state she has been checking up on me periodically to make sure I have survived to see another day. But the one great thing is, she worked in a pharmacy for years and can always help me in anything I’m going through. She was the one that pointed out the side effects from the medication, before I even made it to the doctor and I have my fingers crossed my blood work will be ok and I may just have to lay off a rosé or two for the next few months.

My top 5 tips for a hangover or if you’re anything like me and had a potential liver damaging one on steroids, then try these on your next night out to remember. 

Vitamin C

It stimulates the liver to breakdown alcohol. I always have lemons on hand at home. Mix lemon with warm water, apple cider vinegar and a tsp of honey. Sip accordingly. 


I’m a coffee/kombucha drinker daily. But the last thing you want is to dehydrate further & keep your liver active for the wrong reasons. Kombucha is full of healthy bacteria and will help to support your digestion, especially after killing off a community of good bacteria in your gut the night before. I opted for 2, as I’m trying to support my body not working over time. 


This is best when applied topically to pulse points and also I diffuse mine. Lavender will help to aid in your body relaxing. I’ve also heard peppermint can be good too, but I haven’t tried it yet. (Helps with headaches and nausea)


Wheatgrass contains up to 70% chlorophyll, which helps to neutralize toxins in the body. I haven’t brought wheatgrass for a long time but I invested in some this afternoon as I will take all I can get currently. 


I could talk about the benefits of branched-chain amino acids all day, but it’s probably questionable how qualified I am to do so. Anyway, they help to stimulate protein synthesis and support the aid in recovery. I don’t drink them as regularly anymore but I always keep some at home. I relied on these heavily after a previous operation I had and I swear they helped with my speedy recovery. Opt for coconut water instead, for a healthy dose of electrolytes and a cheaper option. 
Hopefully you don’t have to fall back on these tips too often but if your anything like me, they’re integrated into your life already. 

I am now going to dream of that so called Gerard Butler I spoke of at the start, waiting on me hand and food serving me kombucha in bed while I recover in silence. 

One can dream. 

K X 

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