House vs. Home.

Minamilism has become a big part of my life this year. I started with my wardrobe and then moved onto decluttering my home, as I wanted to ensure I didn’t have anything that didn’t add some sort of value to my life. It’s interesting, as you search online for inspiration on minimalism everyone has tips on how to ‘minimize’ and to be honest I haven’t really taken many into consideration. (When have I liked to follow many rules?)

I haven’t embarked on a shopping fast (my work colleague next to my desk, commented on my online purchases lately…whoops! I’m replacing items ok)

I haven’t worn 33 items for 33 days (I’ve replaced some ‘old/out of style’ items with either better quality or something more appropriate. (But I will update you later on, on how many items I’m holding onto)

What I have done though, is been more considerate with my purchases. I observed that shopping for myself or my home, filled gaps in my life and now I equip myself with purpose and a list that I’ve somewhat mulled over so I’m buying something I truly need and like. (Goodbye impulse purchases and stuff, hello investments!)

Here’s some backstory first, when I first moved into my own place (on my own, embarking on the single girl life) I started to buy items I needed for my home or wanting to create my own style. One of the things I purchased 8+ years ago was a modular couch. 4.8 meters of loungability qualities, holding many memories of entertaining friends, sleeping & Netflix marathons. Oh how I was attached to this couch! This couch brought me comfort and many hours of relaxation.

It’s funny as I’ve moved interstate twice in the last 2 years, my decluttering has entered a whole new level. As packing isn’t as enjoyable when you do it more regularly and over 1000+ KM’s. But this couch was always a pain in my side to either get it into a new home or get it out. Why was I so attached to this damn couch?

Growing up, my Mums house and still to this day is like walking into a home & garden magazine, everything has its place and maybe was I wanting to create somewhere more livable by my interpretation?

Back to my original point, when I moved to Sydney this couch overwhelmed my living room space…so much so that you had to climb over it to get to the bathroom and bedroom. The more I looked at this couch over the last year, the more I despised it.

Why was I so attached to my items, like this ridiculous sized couch?

I realized that I have always loved keeping a well presented home with nice things (by my interpretation) and tried to make my home welcoming to anyone that visits but I have also tried to fill space with trinkets, create areas to showcase my flair for presenting items and to be honest that’s just not me!


  • Rule your items don’t let your items rule you. Ta da the couch is gone! My new one isn’t ready yet, so I’m going couch-less for 5+ weeks. (Ekkkkkk) 

Packed up en route to a new home. 

  • Don’t try and fill space for the sake of it. Take this particular area for example, I like how it looks so if it ain’t broke, don’t change it.

  • Start with one area at a time and make sure you take everything away or out of the area first. This has to be my greatest insight. When I was cleaning out my makeup draw for example, I took everything out and ended up reconfiguring the whole thing, because I had started with a clean slate and realized my current organization wasn’t working for me. (Beauty junkie at its finest, when you need a whole draw in your dresser just for makeup) 
  • Sentimental value. We hold onto things to relish in their memory for a moment or two and then put them back in a cupboard never to see the light of day, before we embark on cleaning out that area again in 6 months time. I was holding onto some cards great people had written to me from milestone moments, but why? They weren’t on display and I may read them once a year until they were forgotten again. The cards are gone. This kid just became cutthroat. I have pictures to relive these moments instead and the great people are still in my life, so I would rather create new real life memories with them!
  • Make minimalism your own! Define it however the hell you want to. I may be sharing some of my well curated areas with you but that doesn’t mean I still don’t have a cupboard of receipts, warranties and a toolbox of screws and other odd home items that I just haven’t made it to yet. Yolo, living dangerously.

I’ve downsized to only the everyday makeup brushes I use and not kept them all on display. 

Some of the prints around my home. Black, white, grey, different textures and some pops of colour. Living on the interior edge….obviously! 

My coffee table is currently housing some of my possessions while I await my new couch.

I move house again in 4 weeks (not interstate, thank goodness) and I’m giving up my opera house views for a new found creative space (still haven’t found this so called space but I will). As with a new lifestyle comes new values and sometimes you have to trade luxury for simplicity…if it makes you feel better at the end of the day. 

Less house, more home.

K X 


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