Makeup Madness – Part 1: Complexion

When I consume most of my life with beauty, you’d think by now I would of overwhelmed my space here with makeup. Well that definitely hasn’t been the case.

I’ve ummed and ahhhed wether to even post a blog with makeup must haves I swear by. As makeup in the last few years has accelerated and it’s almost everywhere you look – the beauty landscapehas definitely changed.

I love that Makeup is so on trend and that it has had a crazy amount of growth over recent years, but I’m one of those ‘old school’ makeup artists. (yes, some of us are still around!) Seeing beautiful skin, skin that shows through makeup excites me, enhanced features and only on occasion may I reach for some theatre or that Instagram trending makeup. Let’s just say makeup bloggers out there, they are in abundance and why add to an already saturated industry. (I just checked IG this morning and there are 121 million most recent pics tagged with the word makeup. Because you know… makeup)

For anyone that isn’t makeup savvy, walking into a beauty department can be intimidating, confusing and somewhat overwhelming. Or for the makeup junkies out there, it’s a playground….cue me! (I secretly love the chaos of walking into a Sephora store and the energy that surrounds it, but I am also very particular of what I am looking for and need in my life!)

I love the way that when you apply makeup, it can transform you. Transform the way you feel (in walks a boost of confidence) and for some of us transform the way you look (Me – from a 4-5 out of 10, to a high 8 on a good day!)

So in true Kristy style, I’m sharing my Fav Beauty Hacks, this is Part 1 as I wanted to dedicate this whole post to complexion! (Safe to say I’m a little obsessed with it)

Disclaimer – These may not be fit for everyone, as this is the type of look I’m setting out to achieve. If you like the sounds of what I’m putting down, then look no further. And I’m also sure you are already using some of these tips without even knowing it!

  • Makeup is only ever as good as your canvas underneath. You have to start with great skin or know how to achieve it. (Check out my previous post here on Skincare, if this is a foreign area to you) One thing I cannot urge you enough with, is good hydration. Find a moisturizer/lotion that works for your skin type, as hydrated skin looks plump and youthful – yes please! 
  • When looking for a foundation you need to take into consideration – coverage, texture, formula and also what tool you are going to use to apply it. As this will determine the end result. My go to’s currently are Tarte Amazonian Clay & It Cosmetics CC Cream, teamed with my trusty beauty blender. What better combination for a flawless application.

  • Concealer, you were created to work miracles and when you find the right one you most definitely do. The most common mistake is choosing the right colour. Makeup artists have different preferences, I normally only conceal under eyes on myself. (eradicating those pesky dark circles!) Opting for a warmer tone concealer can help to colour correct and conceal.  You can then brighten up afterwards, if you desire. I cannot live without IT Cosmetics Bye Bye under eye in Medium – game changer!
  • Illumination, I cannot live without this either! (Actually I can’t live without any of these products, who am I kidding?) I have combination oily skin and still highlighting in the right tone and place is key. Becca shimmering skin perfectors are one of my go-to’s. I hate to say it but Champagne pop makes a regular appearance, as I adore the golden tone to it. I am also obsessed with Cover FX custom cover drops in Sunkissed, to mix in with my foundation. Invest time in looking for the perfect highlighter, just like your favorite foundation. As you want to ensure you don’t look like you’ve just walked out of an episode of Jem and the Holograms (reference for the eighties babies!) unless unicorn holographic is your current #goals. 

  • When you apply foundation you take away all dimension of skin, adding colour back in with blush helps to restore the dimension that was lost. Tarte rock my world in the blush/bronzer department and I have far too many to count! Ask an expert/someone you trust, as blush needs to compliment your skin tone & stop you from looking like you’ve just stepped out of a previous era. I like using a slanted blush brush for a subtle pop of colour, preferring to match the undertone of my blush to my chosen lipstick colour of the day for some makeup uniformity in my life.

Contouring and I don’t do life together. Id rather highlight my way through life instead. Just in case your were wondering why there hasn’t been a C word mention. I also integrate a loose powder to set my makeup if I think it needs it. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores is another one of my go-to’s for this. 

When I started switching my makeup to more ‘safer’ alternatives like my Skincare, I thought it would be super hard…but turns out it’s not! I’m lucky enough to be spoiled with some great products and brands to try and I’ll work on the whole ‘ingredient’ part when and where I can. 

Makeup tips, tricks and hacks I could share with you all day…but I promise you I won’t.

Just wing it. 




K X 

Trying these babies out this week! 

You’re my right hand, you’re my go to… #tarte

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