Body #goals

This week marks 9 weeks until I head off overseas on holiday and what a great opportunity to revisit some body goals.

Now goal setting and I have our ups and downs. I have had moments in my life where I have tracked goals, with every little bit of detail taken into consideration and also started over with some, if they haven’t reached my level of perfection. (This reminds me of one of my good friends and his ‘diet’ that starts every Monday, only not making it through most of that day and then waiting to start again the following week – perfectionist or procrastination? Haha, I’ve been there)

I haven’t set any specific body/health goals in almost 3 years. I may follow certain protocol for eating or training but to be honest, I just enjoy life and how I feel these days. BUT sometimes you have to rev life up a bit to move past your comfort zone.

Wasn’t it Albert Einstein that said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results…?”

Well YES! That’s been me many a times in life. I also know when it’s time to step it up a notch.

So with 9 weeks in mind, I’m going to get a little more specific to tidy up my calories, nutrition and training. (Still continuing with fasting as I feel 110% lighter and more energetic! Catch up here on how I’m currently achieving this, if you missed it.)

Currently I don’t track my calories, eat home prepared meals 80% of the time and go to Barre class twice a week. This routine is called ‘Kristy being comfortable’. Which is totally fine I might add, there’s nothing wrong with it. I just feel like my body needs to be jump started for optimal performance (oh and a photo ready beach body for a siesta summer vacay with my soul sista)

So what am I going to do???

Here are my official public stats and goals, that I set out to achieve over the next 9 weeks:

Tracking Calories – I don’t incorporate this method anymore, unless I’ve been in ‘crisis mode’. (They have occurred many a times in my emotional battle with balance) All I want to know is an estimate of my calorie consumption, but more importantly where my calories are coming from – FAT, PROTEIN or CARBS. This is what I will be working towards from this week…

Nutrition – My nutrition I am happy with, most of the time. I want to increase my fat and protein content while ensuring my carbs are complex (in a nutshell good carbs vs. bad carbs)

Track my fasting numbers more efficiently – I have this almost down packed, but there’s always room for improvement!

Training – I want to incorporate HIIT X 1 day a week, moderate cardio (fasted) X 1 day and 1 X home workout (practicing my Barre technique) With these added workouts, it brings me to 5 X active days and 2 rest days, which I think it still achievable and will allow balance in my lifestyle. I should mention I currently make going to a Barre class priority, twice weekly. 

Stats – any type of transformation isn’t complete without tracking where you are and monitoring where you want to be. I’m not affected by the number on the scale anymore, I would be more than happy toning up my waistline (my stubborn problem area, goodbye dreams of washboard abs) and maintaining or loosing a small amount of weight in the process. Considering the time frame I want to achieve this though, I’d imagine my number on the scales may decrease slightly.

This is my current situation:

Weight – 61.7 kg

Body Fat – 23.7 %

Waist – 81cm

Under bust – 74cm

I don’t need to track arms, legs, hips as I hold not much body fat in these areas. (All the PT’s out there, are currently cringing) I just want to fine tune and tweak, so this is where I’m laying my cards on the table.

Let’s see if I’ve got the courage to do this (and stick to it) as my mentality has been programmed with balance, after stepping on a spotlighted stage in Perspex heels. Having to embark on the aftermath of a journey which comes with the emotional f*cked up-ness of fitness model competitions and competing. (Chasing the dragon in an optimal kind of way)

Let’s do this!

K X 

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