Free hugs circa 2012 were a stepping stone to this very moment. 

I’m going to be completely honest with you, I despise moving. It’s not the actual moving process that I hate. Sure there’s always going to be extra elbow grease involved but it’s all those small moving parts that cause me unnecessary stress.

Like redirecting all of your mail, connecting electricity, gas, packing and having one hell of a clean out.

When I packed up my Gold Coast home almost 2 years ago, I was living in a 2 bedroom apartment (on my own, because I thought I needed an ‘extra room’). I remember when the removalist came to move my 2 bedroom apartment to Melbourne, he commented on the 50+ boxes and all of the larger items I had to move and couldn’t believe how much stuff I had. (He told me he was booked already when I moved to Sydney, I’m sure he was probably lying to avoid moving so much stuff again) 

I would keep boxes for items (just incase), I would have kitchen items I had never used before because if you spend time in the kitchen, you should own that item just in case right?

Moving into a 1 bedroom in Sydney made me question my worldly possessions and this has been brought to a whole new level. As I now embark on packing up my life to shift into a studio apartment. (I’m thrilled with my new pad, pics to come!)

Space has become important to me in my home and why have unnecessary rooms, if you rarely use them or need them? Why have items you don’t even know about but they hang around collecting dust? Why have 6 different foundations if you can only wear 1 at a time? (I’m still working on this one…)

Which brings me to my wardrobe. My new place has even less storage than my current one and so my trusty Ikea wardrobe is coming with me.

I’ve reorganized, cleaned out, debated and come to the conclusion that my wardrobe has evolved since my last wardrobe minimalism confession BUT I still have a long way to go. (How I’ve gained two pairs of shoes, who knows?!)

Since my previous confession, I’ve hung onto some items, replaced others and I’m currently redefining my style and what fabrics and cuts I like (and now know what look good on me, rather than those expensive pesky purchases that you regret later)

I’ve managed to minimize my wardrobe down to the following and I’m also about to embark on a 2 month shopping fast, as I curb any clothing cravings I have but mostly to find out what I really do need (want) in my life.

To my surprise, I have downsized my wardrobe by 29 items!! Can you believe it…?! (Read my first post on the subject here)

In total I have 59 clothing items and 21 pairs of shoes (gained 2 momentarily > whoops), 4 handbags (still happy with these 4) and a clothing wish list I add to and amend, on the occasion that delightful item makes its way into my life.

I’m not going to lie, there’s so many items I want to buy, like a new denim jacket I’ve been debating on since February or a pair of summer wedges to wear in Mexico. But my inner ego keeps reminding me that I only wear 50% of the wardrobe I currently have most of the time, then there’s really no point…just yet.

Once winter is over I will reassess again and I feel somewhat liberated with every purchase I make these days.

Packing has become a breeze and it’s amazing how one can feel with less stuff. 

Room with a view. My life in boxes. 

Less is definitely MORE in my life. 

K X 

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