Raindrops keep falling on my head. 

So this week in Sydney we’ve had a lot of rain, like I’m talking a lot! Last night it was actually hailing for a short time. (Goodbye gorgeous sunshine)

My morning yesterday started from bad to worse, as I woke up hit my feet to the ground….and it was wet.

My brand new studio apartment (that I currently love) has a leak, or should I say flood?

I left for work, alerting my real estate of this current situation and hoped that it was something so easily fixed. Hmmm not really the case…

The rain went from bad to worse and by the time the real estate had checked in on the property and I had made it home, it’s somewhat like a swimming pool. Or you could say, resembles a slip and slide!

After a restless night, waking up every two hours to pray it hadn’t gotten worse or the floor hadn’t caved in. I was happy when I awoke to realize my floor was still in tact and I hadn’t started to sink into Paulie’s apartment downstairs (he has a recording studio and has been a friendly acquaintance since 3 hours into my arrival)

As I sit here heaters drying the floor, waiting on an update as to when the builders and roofers are coming to fix it so I can get my house in order. I’m reminded of what I need to be grateful for.

Above: the aftermath. Pretty much have to move everything and strip the whole area. While I wait…

I’m grateful for a roof over my head, that many people in this world don’t have. I’m grateful for the fact I will have a solution, it just may take more than a couple of days and I just need to suck it up, when it comes to my OCD and that my possessions aren’t in place. I’m grateful for the luxuries I do have at home, not all people can say this with confidence.

My day you could say was kinda sh*t, with constant demands from so many different directions. No time to even have breakfast, as time was of the essence. (I ate a packet of oats off my work colleague at 11am because of this) and all while putting a smile on my face, because the only thing right in front of me was the most important. (These are words that I live by, no matter what is happening in life) 

Tonight I’m taking a small breath, one for myself. I’m reminding myself that this day shall pass and tomorrow will be sure to bring a brighter day.

That no matter what it happening in life, you have the ability to choose how you wish to respond.

All I can say, is TGIF (tomorrow) as this kid would potentially enjoy a wine or three…

But who knows, as my ‘Body Love’ challenge is still in full swing and maybe having a wine or two may not be such a good idea.

Cheers to a long awaited 3 day weekend here in Australia! 

K X 

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