Nesting while childless.

Over the last few weeks, it appears I’ve been keeping myself far too busy/allowing life to pass me by (even too quickly by my standards). 

In the last 4 weeks I’ve moved house, had a hangover once, my mum has come to visit, I’ve started on my business website (stay tuned), I’ve gone back to blonde, had my Melbourne sista visit, participated in a 4 week body love challenge at Barre, made the decision to stay on my current career path at work  (another story for another time) & I’ve been fantasizing about becoming an avid green thumb and buying a wall of plants to create an inner jungle sanctuary. 

Currently, I have a half written blog post on meal prepping, a written one on my current life and career aspirations and instead I’m getting down and dirty on my current dwelling. 

As the name of this blog post suggests, I’ve been busy nesting in my new home (no baby and no baby on the way either, I might add) 

I’ve moved into a studio apartment, a big change to the 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom or 2 story houses I’ve lived in previously. (I might add, I lived in all of these homes on my own. Now I ask, why?!) 

I first started looking at studio apartments, as Sydney is far more pricey than other states in Australia I’ve lived in. I wanted to downsize and also not feel obligated and committed to paying so much money on rent, like I previously wouldn’t of blinked an eye at. 

For a short while, I even toyed with the idea of putting all of my items in storage and traveling with only a backpack on my back…

This year has been about freedom for me and embracing the good and the bad, or you could say the yin and yang of life. 

After moving into a studio apartment, I realized I wasn’t just looking at downsizing my life, I was looking for a space to make my own – almost like an inner city sanctuary. And in addition to this, I wanted no walls or rooms to confine my living. This has definitely come with living with minimalism this year & changing my approach to my things. 

I remember when I was all of 16 and there was a girl (friend of a friend) who had this loft style apartment above a pet shop, on a main road in Christchurch, NZ where I grew up. I was in awe of how cool and urban her apartment made me feel (maybe it was those teenage feels, where you think you’re an adult but you really aren’t and you’re just daydreaming in the moment) It’s so strange but ever since that moment I’ve always wanted to live in a similar situation and after almost 13 years of renting and moving I’ve finally found it!

My list for a new place consisted of the following: 

  • Studio apartment – must be large, no hotel room replicas 
  • Big windows with natural light 
  • Safe, secure and able to keep out the crazies 
  • In an area with lots of amenities nearby, potentially a main road or above a shop (the biggest apartments are always hidden away in these spots) 

And voila, I managed to check all of the above boxes. 

I finally feel like Sydney has become my home. 

My DIY royal blue velvet headboard is about the only colour I have around here. 

I haven’t managed to kill any plants in the last 12 months, so I’m working towards my own personal jungle. 

Proof that I did finally let go of my old life (in other words – my old couch) 

I love the overpriced salads from Pressed juices… at least the jars have gone to good use. 

This is only half my house as I still have an open plan kitchen/dining area, bathroom/laundry and you could say a dance floor available for future use. 

Apparently, the guy that lived here before I did held regular gigs in this place. I’m not planning on having a rave in my house anytime soon, but I do need to work on some drinking activities to christen the joint. 

I may be living out a teenage fantasy, but I couldn’t be happier. 

K X 

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