Feasting on food, not just fuel. 

I’ve decided I want to share my meal prep ideas with you at least once a month, depending on my creativity and variety in cuisine levels. The reason for this is that most people struggle with one of two things (maybe even both + many more). 

When you reach this crossroad;

  1. You are looking for fresh ideas and some new foodie inspiration.
  2. You don’t have adequate time or are concerned with the time meal prepping may take. As who wants to give up their Sunday for a kitchen session…not me! 

I’m all about variety, making meals that are fresh and appealing but most importantly it can be ticked off your to do list in the shortest period of time possible.

Now that I’m studying my certificate in fitness and have a nutrition cert under my belt, it’s only natural that I want to share more insights into what I live and breathe during the day. Plus…..of late I’ve been all about the feels on my blog. I’m sure a famous quote from Mean Girls is as follows – “I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school… I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy…” 

Not today Kristy, not today.

I hope to have some more humorous installments coming for you soon, who knows?! But for now, sit back relax, get inspired (or maybe not, depending on where your current health journey lies) and see what’s on my menu for this week. 


I have to kick start my morning (every morning) with a bullet proof coffee to break my 12+ hour fast. If you want my version of this recipe – click here. Once that’s settled into my system I reach for the frying pan and it’s time for breakfast.

This week (every day) I’m eating eggs – whole eggs, no egg white omelettes around here anymore. They’re my absolute fav as they make me feel pretty damn good & also they’re a great source of protein to start the day. I’ve been starting my work days earlier so I’ve invested in a microwaveable safe container, as I scramble these at work in the microwave. (Bye Bye frying pan and lazy mornings, hello new found motivation)

Keep an eye on them though, stirring occasionally. I add organic butter & spices for some extra flavor and fats. 

I organize all my snacks for the week and this allows me to chop and change depending on how I’m feeling. I must add…snacks are my biggest downfall. If I’m not prepared that’s when I sneak downstairs from work and grab a 3pm pick me up, coffee or just spend unnecessary money. (I’m working on fine tuning this!)

Avocado on spelt crispbread

Coconut yogurt with strawberries and macadamias 

Green hemp smoothie – new recipe. Please let me know, if you need me to share this hulk like beverage. 


Grass fed beef, potato and veggies are on the menu this week.

I didn’t capture a picture of my good looking steak but I did bake some broccoli and lemon as a side. I left the broccoli in the oven for 20 mins-ish (heavy on the ish, you can tell by this pic!) 


I have extra grass fed beef available and I’ll incorporate this into a stir fry with some fresh veggies.

Or as an alternative this week, I’ll mix up my taste palette with some organic chicken and greens.

*Add 1 tbsp of peanut butter and some fresh coconut milk and chili, for a quick, easy and healthy take on satay.

As additional backup (a girl always needs some backup), I have sweet potato and pumpkin falafel on hand. Since I started fasting 4 months ago and also investing in my gut health, with a probiotic and other gut loving ingredients I’ve noticed my taste buds and cravings have changed. I crave less meat (my gym days consisted of up to 3 protein shakes a day and at least 2 meat sources, plus don’t forget all the eggs). I’m just rolling with this new found appetite & not over analyzing this too much.

I buy this brand from the supermarket below. This flavor has the lowest chickpea content % as I don’t do too well on legumes – another one of my intolerance superpowers.

Have a magical week my friends and I hope all your kitchen and culinary wishes come true. 

K X 

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