Traveling as a minimalist 

A talent or traumatic experience?

This post today is full of excitement, anticipation and wanderlust, as I get ready for a long overdue overseas vacation next week.

Now I’m going to have to keep myself on track here. As the tittle suggests, my objective is to embark on this journey as a minimalist and I will write a separate blog on my return of my experiences and share my traveling moments with you.

For now I’m wanting to highlight the minimalism piece and not the overwhelming excitement that I’m going on holiday!

Firstly, why am I deciding to travel as a minimalist?

There’s a couple of key reasons, that have helped to cement my decision and it’s either going to bring an exceptionally positive experience or one I may later regret….

Previous holiday experiences

I’ve travelled many times around the world with a large suitcase in tow and I can confirm that on almost on every occasion – I’ve packed every outfit imaginable and only wear 30% of my traveling wardrobe. (Who also has done this?!) Now that I’m working on building a functionable wardrobe with versatile pieces, I’m almost certain this won’t be as much as a problem.

*I spent the morning trying on everything I wanted to take with me and mixed and matched some of my outfit combinations, to avoid the dreaded holiday piece that you later regret taking – or wearing. Goodbye unflattering nude bikini. 


3 weeks leaving winter behind in Australia and embarking on sun-kissed sand and no responsibility is my kind of holiday.


As the destination list suggests; bikini weather, low Maintanence outfit choices and on occasion the desirability to slip some heels on is to be expected. This makes it easier to travel lightly. Goodbye bulky winter items.

Less stuff, less worry

As we have only booked flights and accommodation, everything else is up in the air on this journey and the destinations in between. There’s nothing worse than worrying about wheeling a large suitcase around. I’ve equipped myself with a backpack and carry on luggage – only. Worst case scenario if I shop in LA on my way home, I’ll purchase an extra bag to check in. We’ll see…

On a side note, I was planning on switching off from the digital realm for 3 weeks and taking a break on all my social media platforms. 

Instead (I’ve reassessed this sweeping statement) and I plan to try and post 1 highlight pic a day on Instagram. Because how is it a memorable holiday, if you can’t share it with the world?

In no time I will be basking in the sun with a good read, coconut cocktail in hand and I’m excited to see what creative juices (or alcoholic concoctions) will come of this. 

Au revoir (almost) 

K X 

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