Is it all about the journey, or the destination? 

I write this as I’m currently 34,000 feet in the air, 6 hours into a 13 hour flight with 3,553 miles to go until we reach our destination.

My soul sister and I are en route to Los Angeles for a stopover before we catch 2 more planes, ending up in Cancun, Mexico.

As you can imagine when you have hours of travel time ahead of you, it’s best to be prepared.

I’m sure the guy sitting behind us thinks we’re completely crazy & let me share with you the reasons why…

Last night we decided to check in and pay an extra US $100 each to choose our seats. We’re currently residing in Row 42, seats L & J – a power duo on their own. This is so we can do whatever we want too & we have been! (We decided to fly American Airlines and the service has been profoundly good so far and our air hostess Deb E, not Debbie has become my new favorite American)

We settled into our seats and our hippie/woo woo/holistic rituals began. To make this somewhat humorous for you, I’ll take you on a journey from the tip of my head down to my toes (that sentence reminds me of a rap song, I used to love and rap to, once upon a time…) and I’ll let you decide if you think we’re crazy.

Our faces have already been preened with facial oils, cleansing pads, colloidal silver nasal sprays, rescue remedy drops, lip masks, facial sheet masks (just to terrify everyone), relaxation oils… you name it we’ve done it. How do I feel? Currently amazing. My skin feels even better.

In between all this, I’ve almost drunk 2 liters of water as Deb E has us covered as I’m aiming for optimal hydration. As I finish writing this sentence, Sarah and I rub lavender oil on our temples (she’s the essential oil guru not me, but I’ll take what I can get for ultimate enlightenment lol)

I have a thermal on to ensure the right temperature for adequate comfort levels, a memory foam neck pillow as the perfect partner & who could forget an organic bamboo sleeping mask…I promise you I’m still traveling as a minimalist.

It just gets better, we’ve spoken about crystals, (sarah organized one for each of us – an amethyst for our trip) our purpose and searching for magic. How life will be different for us both one day and this holiday is the beginning of it. Maybe the new ink we plan on getting in Mexico, will help to cement this.

My latest read ‘White Hot Truth’ explains that you are your power and soul searching is apart of the journey but sometimes it has to come from you and not an outside influence. (I think Danielle Laporte might be on to something!)

And who could forget the pads stuck to our feet containing tourmaline and ions to recharge our energetic state. 

Edit: we’re 10 mins from our descent and when I took these suckers off, they were defiantly protecting me from something!

Call us weird, call us crazy, but I think we’re just f*ckn amazing. Two girls ready to let their hair down and get knee deep in getting lost. In between the ocean air, rich culture and fresh experiences in this thing called life.

This week I’ve been reminded that dreams can come true, they sometimes just take a little longer to make their way to you as a reality. (Even if you do decide to wear energetic ions on your feet, it’s all apart of the journey)

I can’t wait to share with you all, what’s to come but for now I’ll sign off and get lost in wanderlust.

If you need me, you’ll find me at the edge of the ocean…

K X 

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