Why receive, when you can give? 

I’m knee deep you could say in Day 3 of Mexico & after trekking around in Cancun, we’ve ended up in Playa Del Carmen. 

All I can say is this place is absolutely stunning and one look at it on arrival, was simply  breathtaking. 

Playa Del Carmen, makes me want to pack my life into a backpack, buy a bike and never look back. Who knows…maybe one day. 

As much as traveling is enriching for the soul, it’s also eye opening to see how another life lives. Tonight I was reminded of just this. 

I am lucky enough to go home to an apartment, bed, blankets, luxuries around me and not everyone in this world has these amenities in arms reach. 

I’ve met many people on my travels, who I’m sure hustle hard to cater for their family. 

On arriving home tonight 5 men were asleep outside our apartment, no blankets, no pillows, no beds just fully clothed, sleeping on the ground. 

I was asked the question if I felt sorry for them and I replied – no. But don’t judge me on this statement, as it’s not what you might think. Feeling sorry for someone is an emotion, an emotion without action. Sure I could feel sorry for someone, but does it help the situation? Most probably not. 

Can I help their situation? No. Can I potentially help alleviate it? Maybe.

I chose to make a conscious decision to try and help their situation at 2.30am & armed in my pjs and $200 pesos I went out and gave it to them. 

Does this make me a saint? No. Do I want praise? Absolutely not. 

One thing I’ve learnt in this life is giving feels a whole lot better than receiving and it’s the small tokens of apprceiation that lead to the greatest steps in life. 

Enrich the soul. Give more, you may never know what change you’ll make in this world. 

K X 

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