Right now is the perfect moment! 

In exactly 13 days this mamasita (reference to the most overused word on my travels throughout Mexico) turns 34.

Writing this number down, or internally saying it aloud in my head is somewhat scary but also exciting!

Never in a million years would I of expected to be where I am today – 15, 10 or even 5 years ago. To be frank, I never would of thought I would of ever started a blog, found who I am in between it all and also have some clear goals of where I am headed.

Over the last 8 months writing has become a vice, a vice for my inner most thoughts. I’ve publicly worked out a lot of sh*t on here and taken a few of you on my journey.

As I sit back, toes in the sand (I’m back in Sydney) overlooking the ocean, I’m reminded how this latest and greatest holiday gave me a sense of peace, reassurance, you could even say magic, creating clarity on where I need to be.

For the first time in a long time, I’m excited for what is but also what’s to come. Let me elaborate…

This morning I hauled ass out of bed at 5.45am so I could hit a Barre class to start my day. (The jet lag has killed me this time around and all I’ve been doing is sleeping, so exercise if helping to contribute to my inner glow momentarily…cue trying to get my life together – post holiday blues)  My favorite Barre teacher Monica was taking the class and on arrival she was thrilled/worried about my short hiatus. After proudly showing her my tan and sharing with her my travel highlights, I found out that she will also be embarking on a similar journey to the same countries in the next 12 weeks.

We reconvened after class & spent time talking about travel, journeys, the best aspects about seeing different parts of the world and all the kinds of convo two inner hippies discuss at times like these. Monica reminded me, do we work to live or live to work? And in the same breathe she shared she always has 2 holidays that she works towards and will worry about how she gets there, travel companions or money when the time arrives.

It was a gentle reminder for living in the current moment, chasing your aspirations today as worrying about tomorrow or the future isn’t any help to your current situation.

I sense change is afoot (in a good way).

My inner motivated sense of self has a clearer journey (it’s all about the journey, not the destination right?).

My never ending life checklist has started to get ticked off (high fives to passing my practical PT Assessment in the weekend)

And throughout it all, I can offer this world myself – creating a life that not only meets my dreams, that will help others to achieving theirs. As the right intentions and confidence in yourself will always help steer your ship even in the roughest of weather. (I lost my map for a bit)

Once my current ‘travel moon’ has passed, I’ll share highlights from my trip… but for now I’m basking in the most wonderful memories and there’s too many to recount just yet.

This next chapter I’ll be able to share with you all soon, the suspense will be worth it. But for now I’m enjoying now and what I have right in front of me.


K X 

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