Sitting on the corner of awesomeness & bomb-diggity. 

After a short hiatus on the writing front, I thought I would reconvene – once the creative itch became somewhat overwhelming.

I’ve just concluded my second week back at work post holiday and reality is starting to set in. It’s been challenging/interesting to observe how I’m managing to make my way back into a routine.

This week I decided it was timely to head to my herbalist for a session and medicinal concoction to relieve me of any ailments (or subconscious ones) I’ve been feeling. It was also timely I went to her as the Friday night antics before seeing her, left me with scraped up hands, 2 broken iPhone screens, a 3 day hangover and an almost missed flight to Melbourne…. it’s safe to say as natural, controlled and as hippie as I pretend to be, I’m also a girl with no self control at times, ready to let my hair down. (My mum commented on my arrival that ‘I thought we were done with this Kristy’ – haha no Mum, this is 34!)

After a lengthy 1 hour + session with my herbalist, I left feeling energized, refreshed and with a mighty dose of brown liquid to get me through the next 6 weeks. (Herbalist trips are like therapist ones, but with a few laughs and eye examinations in between) I’ve had many people of late, an astrologer, my new life coach, friends & now my herbalist (do I sound crazy?!) tell me what I need to be doing, wether it’s taking action, making decisions or following my heart. But they all have 1 thing in common, they’re putting some pressure on me and eerily coming to the same conclusion. My herbalist left me with ‘you’ve got some decisions to make’ and added a herb to the bottle in light of this fact. (Maybe it’s just the energy I’m putting out…?)

Let’s back track to my new life coach, as this topic warrants a small mention in the mix of all of this.

It was a gift and an appointment that was strategically planned post holiday, to solidify my thoughts, aspirations and some loosely made goals prior to flying 8,152 miles across the world. I had high expectations, envisioned the outcomes from our meeting and almost thought I knew exactly how our meeting would conclude…

The best thing about this is I was further from the truth, my answers were challenged and the techniques I’ve come to use (or know when other people are using them on me) made it awkwardly uncomfortable, when you are the person in question. I left the conversation with even more to think about.

The most refreshing part about this? An absolute stranger is the one giving you an opinion, guidance and challenging your beliefs. I’ve come to find that the people closest to you think they know what’s best for you, or their opinions are influenced based on their relationship with you. I’m uncertain of how deep I’ll go on this life coaching steeze, but it was the kick I needed at the perfect moment!

I suppose my point here is, it’s easy to get caught up in what other people recommend, encourage or provide you support with. Looking to outside influences can help steer you in the right direction however, only you can decide what will be the best possible path/journey/highway you decide is the most viable option to take.

I’ve read and had so much discussion of late on nutrition, health & fitness related goals and it’s safe to say there is absolutely no ‘one size fits all approach!’

Everyone is trying to sell an idea or concept & as human beings we want an absolute answer or a quick fix, as we thrive off instant gratification. It baffles me (and frustrates the hell out of me) that so many of us want what we don’t have – wether it’s a better body, bigger boat (I just want a boat…lol. Maybe there’s ones out there for minimalists) longer hair, a 6-pack (beer or abs – you choose) or a wardrobe that keeps up with your Instagram feed.

One day I hope to bring to this world a personalized approach to health, wellness and feeling 100% content with what you have and an overwhelming sense of personal fulfillment.

As it doesn’t get any better than waking up and truly loving every aspect of your life and what you’ve achieved.

You’ll find me sitting on the corner of awesomeness and bomb-diggity pondering life….(not too far away)

K X 

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