Insert Brainy Quote Here. 

I found myself at lunch the other day, indulging in what gluten and dairy dreams are made of…Lebanese food and all its glory. 

What lead me to this point, was relatively the same as any other Saturday. Wake up, meditate, gratitude, a big cup of Cuban coffee (I’m almost out and I’m going to be devastated when I am!), a trip to get food from the markets and just a pretty amazing start to the weekend.

My morning was almost identical to previous rituals. I felt ok and the sun was shining brightly…but I couldn’t for the life of me string words together in a sentence. Whether I was off internally (could potentially be the case…lol), or I was over analyzing my current state of being, I was ready to reach for a coffee (or an espresso martini) to hopefully straighten out the situation I was in.

This got me thinking about the brain (I’m definitely no expert on it) and can I help support its optimal performance?

Mind you, my brains probably a step or two behind…self inflicted, I might add. I sometimes reflect back on my hooligan days and feel sorry (yet relieved) that my body made it this far!!! (Insert fist pump here)

I am no stranger to a glass of alcohol or make it forty, in my previous life. I’m sure I tried almost anything and everything I could get my hands on. There were no boundaries in my partying ways and my tolerance level (plus added adrenaline to say yes to everything) contributed to one hell of a ride.
These days are far more tame than the ones previous however, I do count my blessings most days I made it this far (hallelujah!)

I’m sure I could write a book one day, or my friends could. About my bad outfit choices, shots at the bar leading to none other than jelly legs, or the fact that I left some extensions behind on the dance floor once…

Back to that lunch and the day previous, I embarked on a day at Sydney university on the subject of leadership. Throughout the day the trainer incorporated brain activities, as in a previous life he was a speech pathologist. My synonym participation wasn’t a 10/10 in competition. But what I took away was what I can do to workout my mind, or at least make it function somewhat sexier.

Long story short, I downloaded a shitload of brain games and I’ve been diligent (that’s that Virgo quality again) in getting some mental mind stimulation occurring.

Am I smarter? Probably not. Has my IQ changed? Questionable. But holy shit, I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but my motivation to get shit done is next level! Something inside of me is like I’m an 8 year old kid again, getting gratification from fighting bad guys on my Sega Master System: Alex the Kid in Shinobi World – holla! I never knew seeing a brain game score card increase, could be so satisfying.

So you might be thinking, how motivated could Kristy really be? (Or is it just my astrological year, like my stars keep predicting…)

I just submitted assignment numero IV, from 2 weeks of hustling. And there’s literally no stopping me.

My blog has slipped, as assignments have increased but let’s see if this motivation sticks around and my writing hat stays a little longer on this head. 

‘I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious’ – Albert Einstein 


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